Sunday, September 2, 2012


Here are my beauty favourites for August 2012!

Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder
I was recommended this so much before I finally decided to pick it up and I regret not doing it sooner! This is so comparable to MAC Studio Fix it's cracy! Such a good quality product and for only $11 is such a bargain!

MAC Dollymix Blush
This is such a beautiful coloured blush that's great for everyday use because it's so easy to work with!

Bloom Prep and Prime Primer
I am currently on the hunt for a great primer and so far this is the best one I have found!

Maybelline "Bold Gold" Color Tattoo 
I absolutely love these things! They are such great bases for eyeshadows with an amazing consistency and overall a beautiful product to work with.  Bold Gold is the most wearable and the one I have found myself reaching for most!

Mary Kay "Crystalline" Eyeshadow
On an everyday basis, I love using shimmery champagne eyeshadows and this is really lovely pigmented one that I love working with and use regularly. 

Australis Lip Butters
These are so cute and easy to chuck in your purse for instant lip hydration with a hint of colour.

Bloom Mineral Veil 
I love using transluscent powders as an alrenative to pressed foundations and this one have worked really well for me this month!

Maybelline Baby Lips, Lip Glows
I love the lightweight formulation with the subtle pink tint that I get from these products!

MAC "Gilded White" Eyeliner
I have been staying up so late recently so I have been relying on inner corner highlights to make me look more away and have found this eyeliner to do a great job!

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