Monday, September 24, 2012


Something I have been absolutely loving lately is my skincare system which is the new Mary Kay Botanical range. So I thought I would let you all know about how this new system works, it's effectiveness, my experience and where to buy these products!

The new Botanical Effects Skin Care by Mary Kay are a range of personalised botanicals which deliver holistic benefits by skin type. It leaves skin feeling nourished and revitalized as well as enhances the skins natural beauty. The three gentle formulations leave dry, normal and oily skin feeling balanced. It contains an antioxidant-rich complex and is formulated without alcohol, synthetic dyes and added fragrance which protects sensitive skin from harsh ingredients. These products are all natural, even down to the packaging which is created with products that are gentle on the planet.  

Cleanse (AUS $35, NZ $41)
This cleanser removes impurities such as excess oil and dirt while keeping your skin balanced by not stripping it from the essential oils your skin needs. I love how effective this cleanser is while still being so gentle.

Hydrate (AUS $39, NZ $45)
A quick absorbing moisturiser which leaves skin feeling moisturised without an oily feeling. If you have oily skin, please do not think that using a moisuriser will make your skin more oily because it won't! Actually by not using a moisturiser after cleansing, your skin becomes so dry that it produces more oil than needed thus making your skin oilier than before.

Freshen (AUS $30, NZ $35)
This is a mild freshener that gently removes excess residue from the skin. Simply spray some of the product onto a cotton ball and gently wipe it all of your face and you can also bring it down to your neck. It's jsut really refreshing and makes your skin feel extra clean and oil free.

Mask (AUS $37, NZ $43)
To take it to the next level you can add a mask that you can use two to three times per week. The benefits of a mask

Botanical Effects Set (AUS $141, NZ $41)
This set includes Cleanse, Hydrate, Freshen, and Mask. I think this pack is definitely something worth investing in because I recommend each of the products and this set allows you to save some money and try out everything the range has to offer. Although the only essential steps are cleanse and hydrate; freshen and mask are great additions to your skincare routine.

I think that if you take care of your skin with the proper products it can really improve acne and breakouts as well as your overall appearance. The essentials for healthy and clear skin include at least a cleanser and moisturiser, use products based on your skin type for best results like the Botanical Effects range. A freshener and a mask can be added to your routine to further benefit your skin, based on what it needs. 

I hope this was helpful and that you check out this awesome new skincare range!
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