Wednesday, October 3, 2012

IMATS 2012!

I had such an amazing time at IMATS meeting a heap of my fellow Australian beauty YouTubers and so many of my amazing viewers who were so kind to me! You know we had to take a cheesy photo in front of the magical IMATS sign and so I'm including that first. Above is makeupwithpoppy, DOMMsmiles and xoFemmeBeauty
One of the highlights of the day was meeting Chloe Morello! She is so gorgeous and I love her videos so it was a pleasure to catch up with her a couple of times throughout the day and get some photos!
I finally got to meet my good friend Alee! We talk all the time online and it was great to finally meet her! She is just such a beautiful and lovely person who I hope to meet many more times!
I got along so well with the beautiful Caroline from xoFemmeBeauty! She was so lovely and great to talk to! She made the day really fun!
I was so happy to meet Madina!! She is such a sweet and beautiful person that I speak to all the time so it was great to finally meet her and spend some time together.
The hilarious Brittney and Shell! I can't help myself but constantly laugh around these two because they are just so freaking funny. It was amazing to finally meet Brittney as I love her videos and it was lovely to catch up with Shell again as I have met her in the past before.
Some lovely girls who watch my videos who I ran into and got a photo with!
Another viewer that I managed to get a photo with on my camera! I was kind of dissapointed because I actually didn't take that many photos with people who I met, I was just so caught up in the moment!
The beautiful DOMMsmiles and I ran into a lovely viewer.
I was so happy I ran into Ash4Makeup because I adore her videos!
The gorgeous BeautyConsultancy!
A lovely viewer who also makes singing videos under the screen name missellenamy and plans to start making beauty videos soon!
My travel buddy! Claire is from the Gold Coast and I'm from Brisbane so we only flew down for the day and caught planes back at similar times so ended up "traveling" together which was nice!
Caroline and Dom!
Dom from DOMMsmiles! This girl is amazing! She is absolutely hilarious and I had a great time hanging out with her!

Towards the end of the day, I finally got a photo with Jodi. It was a pleasure to meet her because I adore her videos, she is so helpful and beautiful!

I had an absolutely amazing time and hung out with so many talented and beauty girls who also make videos as well as a heap of you girls who watch my videos! If you took a photo with me on the day, I would love for you to email it to 

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Anonymous said...

Great post! So jealous I couldn't make it :( I live in Melbourne.
You met some amazing people, sounds like you had a great time! :)