Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have naturally short and sparse eyelashes and am too lazy to wear false lashes everyday so the way I get my lashes looking large everyday without spending a lot of time is with a micro fiber mascara.

There are two steps in this mascara set. The first step is the transplanting gel that is basically like any other mascara and this is going to help the natural fibers attach to the eyelash and add the visable length. The other step is the natural fibers that attach to the transplanting gel to add length and thickness. It isn't too much effort to apply this every morning, it's almost just like just adding a couple of extra coats of mascara.

These massive lashes aren't going to break the bank because this mascara duo is only $13.50 from eBay or $15.95 from Body Rapture Cosmetics and that includes free shipping within Australia.

This method of getting massive eyelashes doesn't cost too much, take a lot of time or make applying your makeup in the morning any morning difficult.
 If your unhappy with the length and thickness of your eyelashes and don't like having to use false lashes, this is definitely something I recommend for you!

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