Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I was browsing through my makeup collection for something new and interesting to use when this CoverGirl palette really stood out to me. I thought it was an interesting mixture of colours and wanted to show you some swatches and let you know what I think about the quality.
This quad includes four stunning and interesting colours. The first colour is a deep burgundy/chestnut shade that looks beautiful in the crease and has a gorgeous shimmer to it. The second is a gold colour and I was excited about this shadow because I don't have many gold eyeshadows that are a solid colour like this one. The third shadow is a creamy white, perfect for highlighting or wearing on the lid with the first shadow in the crease. Lastly, it includes this gorgeous green shade and I admit I don't wear green eyeshadow all that often but this is just such a pretty lime colour it inspires me to use green shades more!

You can tell from the swatches below that these eyeshadows have a very buttery consistency and are very smooth and pigmented. They glide onto the eye really nicely and are long lasting without any creasing! I was surprised at how well they shadows stay on because usually buttery eyeshadows easily crease but I wore these for a whole day and they were still on perfect at the end of the day.
Re-finding this palette in my makeup collection has inspired me to go out and buy some more of these great quality palettes and hopefully I can find some more gorgeous colours!

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have tried out these CoverGirl eyeshadow quads before.

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