Sunday, November 25, 2012


I have recently started using the Maybelline Master Liner since I finished up my MAC Smoulder Eye Kohl and found it was too smudgy for me to want to repurchase it. I have been really liking this eyeliner and wanted to review to to let you know that it's a great eyeliner if your looking for one for everyday use. 

I love the colouring of this liner because it is the perfect black. Even when used for smudging purposes, it still doesn't look grey or faded.

This is great for tight-lining and lining the bottom lash line. I even sometimes use it on my upper lash line to give my eye some more definition if I can't be bothered using gel or liquid liner and it works really well.

Formulation and Pigmentation
It has a super creamy formulation that glides on with ease. The pigmentation of this product is very impressive and definitely build-able.

All Maybelline products are fairly affordable and this one is no exception costing under $15 no matter where you buy it from.

I definitely reccomend picking up this liner if you have been looking for a new one!
Thanks for reading :)

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Unknown said...

i've never heard of this product before... weird right? ill check it out next time! great review :)