Saturday, December 22, 2012


I just did my nails to be all festive for Christmas and thought I would quickly share this easy nail design with you! Maybe give you some inspiration if you haven't done your nails yet and your doing something on Christmas.

Products used:
OPI Top & Base Coat
OPI "Alpine Snow"
OPI "Green-wich Valley"
OPI "Thanks So Muchness!"
Ulta3 Silver Glitter
Sally Hansen Shine Top Coat 
Essence Express Dry Drops 
Nail Art Brush

Put a base coat on all of your nails so that your polish doesn't chip then add a layer of white polish so that the colours are more vibrant.

Thumb design:
Place sticky tape on the edges of your nails to create a cone shape of your nail exposed to paint red. Once dried, peel it off and paint the fluffy bottom and ball on the Santa hat using a nail art brush and white nail polish. Fill in the blank sides with silver glitter polish.

Present design:
Paint a coat of green nail polish. Using the nail art brush, draw a a line diagonally and horizontally. 

Accent nail:
Paint a coat of red nail polish. Apply a glitter on top. 

Add a top coat to all of your nails and a couple of drops of essence express dry. Then your done :)

Thanks for reading!

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