Saturday, February 23, 2013


I love a good pressed foundation but I also enjoy saving money so thought it would be worthwhile to compare a reputable but expensive product over a more affordable version to see if it's really necessary to fork out the extra cash. To do so I'm comparing the MAC Studio Fix to the Australis Fresh & Flawless against a range of criteria to see which one comes out on top.

Like all MAC products, the Studio Fix pressed foundation doesn't come cheap costing $49AUD for 15g of product, costing $3.25 per gram of product. Australis is quite an affordable Australian brand so the Fresh & Flawless is very reasonably priced between $8-$11.50AUD depending if you catch it on sale or pay full price. The compact contains a little less product than the MAC with only 12g but Australis still works out better value for money because it costs just less than $1 per gram of product.

Shade selection is quite important because if you are unable to find a colour which suits your skin tone then you obviously can't use the product. MAC has a really impressive colour selection based on your undertone and colouring with just under fourty shades to find your perfect match! Australis on the other hand is disappointing in this aspect as it only has three shades to choose from, making it less likely for you to find your perfect colour.

Accessibility is also an important factor as you don't want to be in the situation when your all out of product and it's difficult to repurchase, especially with something like a pressed powder where you rely on it daily. Like most other deluxe brands, there are only a few specific places you can go to get MAC including David Jones, Myer and MAC stores. Australis however is much easier to get your hands on as most places including chemists, Kmart, Target, Priceline and even supermarkets carry the brand.

Comparing the actual product itself, I really can't tell any difference between the two as they both have the same pigmentation and velvety texture as well as they both mattify and are long lasting. Not to mention, the Australis packaging is definitely heavily inspired by MAC so they are both in very similar compacts. 

For both products, I use one of two brushes; my Real Techniques blush brush or my Sigma Kabuki. Both these pressed foundations work equally as well with both of the brushes and there is no difference in application. 

Ultimately, there is little difference between the actual two products apart from the price. The Australis Fresh & Flawless is much better value for money because although it contains a little less product than the MAC, it is still not only much more affordable but also more accessible. The only downside to the Australis is that there isn't much variety in regards to the colour selection but if you can find a colour out of the three that will work for you then definitely give it a go!

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