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Welcome back to empties week! If you missed the first part of this series, click HERE to read my skincare, hair care, nail care and random empties edition. This time I am showing you all of the makeup products I've used up with a mini review on the product and of course answering the question if I will repurchase it again, so I hope you all enjoy! Click HERE to watch my video about these makeup empties.

Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation
I finished up yet another bottle of my all time favourite foundation and the only foundation I have ever fallen in love with/religiously used. Since this is a matte foundation, it's perfect if you have oily skin or just really love a completely matte face look.

L'Oreal Makeup Remover
This is an incredible makeup remover because it will easily take off anything, even waterproof mascara. It's one of the water and oil combos that you have to shake before use and those are personally my favourite but this one has become my holy grail mainly because it's so affordable at only $12. I have already repurchased a replacement for this one and will always continue to re-buy this amazing makeup remover.

Revlon Lash Glue
This is such an amazing glue because it sticks eyelashes on really well so that they don't lift or peel at the edges. It's also really affordable costing around $12 for a bottle that lasts about 2 months. I will always continue to repurchase this lash glue because I think it's the best one for it's price on the market.

FOA Face Base Primer
I absolutely loved this primer because it was very lightweight and felt more like a lotion or moisturiser than anything else. It not only primer but also contains SPF and moisturizes your skin, I have done a whole review on this primer so click HERE to check it out. I have also done a whole article about the importance of priming and a comparison between primers so click HERE to take a look.

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
Unfortunately this gel liner dried up very quickly which was quite disappointing but while it was still useable I really loved the way it applied and it also didn't smudge. Probably won't repurchase just because it did dry up way too quickly for my liking.

MAC Blot Powder
Another product to put towards a "Back 2 MAC" and I managed to completely use it up. I kept this in my purse for touch ups because it mattifies your skin without giving a cakey appearance. Probably won't repurchase it because it's quite expensive and somewhat unnecessary.

I used up a heap of mascaras including; Love Alpha Micro Fiber Duo, MAC Zoom Lash, Maybelline Illegal Lengths, Colossal, Falsies and One by One.

ELF "Berry Blush" Lip Stain
I was really dissapointed with this product because I absolutely loved the colour but it just wouldn't go on my lips properly. The product was too wet in consistency and not pigmented enough so it just didn't work and dried up after a couple of uses.

Sportsgirl "Just The Two Of Us" Lip Gloss
I was scraping the last little bits out of the product because it's the most perfect gloss that isn't sticky but provides a lovely amount of sheen over any lipstick. It has been my handbag essential for the last couple of months so I'm sad to see it go and am definitely going to be repurchasing.

MAC "Petite Indulgence" Cremesheen Gloss

This is another lip gloss that I seriously loved and easily used up because I kept it in my handbag! It's the most perfect pigmented hot pink that actually transfers as a dark pink gloss on your lips. It's so pretty and an amazing product but I can't justify almost $60 on repurchasing.

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm

This is my holy grail lip balm because I have found it to be the most effective in hydrating my lips so I will definitely be repurchasing this, in fact, I already have!

Garnier BB Cream
I use this BB Cream every single time I wear makeup either on it's own or mixed into my Chanel Mat Lumiere. I have done a whole review on this BB Cream so click HERE to check it out.

ELF Shimmering Facial Whip
This product wasn't good to begin with but after a couple of months it has turned older and yucky as well as separated between the oil and product. Definitely won't be buying another one of these or trying out any different colours from he range because I just think that it is a very cheaply made product.

MAC Gently Off Makeup Remover
I absolutely love this makeup remover, it's another one of those part oil, part water type ones which are really effective in removing waterproof makeup. Despite how much I loved this product, I will not be repurchasing just because it's a bit overpriced and I can get 3 L'Oreal Removers for the price of one MAC.

Okay so those are all of the makeup empties! Don't forgot to take a look at the skincare, hair care, nail care and random products I've used up by clicking HERE! I hope you enjoyed my empties series because I absolutely loved putting it together.

 Thanks for reading ♥
* The Maybelline, ELF and Love Alpha products were gifted to me but all opinions are honest and my own.


FaceBeforeLace said...

Loved this post/video! Really want to try Face of Australia primer, looks really good :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I have the maybelline gel eyeliner and I've had it for a while and it hasn't dried up at all! It's a great liner though! I was going to buy the Elf shimmer whip but might not now! Thanks, saved me a few :)

Nikki said...

Great post! I love seeing what people liked and didn't. I just recently started saving my empties so I can do one of these posts too.

Anonymous said...

amazing produts

Life's a shoe said...

what a great post!

The Fashion Awkward said...

Nice post! I'm your new follower! I hope you could follow me too and see you in my blog sometimes Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

awesome empties!! I love the mascaras!x

wantsneedsloves said...

Maybelline mascaras are some of my absolute favourites! I love the on-by-one the best. I also purchased an elf shimmering facial whip a few years ago, and threw it out after the second time using it! Great post!!

Dressed With Soul said...

I´m using also a cleanser from L´Oreal and I´m really satisfy with it. And the Garnier Miracle is also in my bath :) I like it, too! Your collection is indeed impressing ...

xx from Bavaria, Rena

Zoë said...

Can't believe you're 17! So impressed. I don't have the budget for Chanel foundation but I think if a product works great for you, might as well stick to it :) Disappointing about the ELF stains and shimmer whip, will have to stay away from the product, one month is ridiculous. I will have to check out that L'Oreal makeup remover though! I'll be posting my own empties next week for June, it's my first time and I'm quite excited!

Great post, really great info about the products.

Trudy Danso said...

the products look amazing! love to try out the mac spray one!

Strawberries and Dreams said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I followed :)

♥ Taylor
Strawberries & Dreams