Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Long sought after are those silky smooth pins and so I have compiled a list of six tips that I personally find achieve the best results. Because we are all busy girls on a budget, all of these tips are quite inexpensive and aren't very time consuming.

Think about microdermabrasion on your face and how smooth your skin feels after removing that dead layer of skin, well our legs are exactly the same and pretty much all our skin for that matter. Use a scrub before any hair removal to scrub away any dead skin, leaving a smooth surface for a closer shave.

Method of Removal
There are so many ways that you can go about removing the hair off your legs, some of which include hair removal cream, waxing and of course shaving with a razor. There are both pros and cons to all hair removal methods so take a look at the products that Veet offers to get an idea of the method you would prefer.

Make sure that with a hair removal cream or wax you test it on a small patch of skin before you use it for the first time to ensure your skin doesn't react to it. Always be careful with sharp razors to avoid scraping or wounding your skin. Remember to use a shaving cream to reduce the amount of friction between your skin and the razor.

Proper Products
With shaving, make sure that the razor is sharp otherwise dull blades can increase the chance of razor bumps and irritated skin. Be specific with which shaving cream you choose, make sure it doesn't irritate or burn your skin as some can contain quite strong chemicals.

Pore Perfection
It's time to think about your pores considering they are a huge component in achieving smooth legs. Use warm water when removing hair as it opens up the pores, resulting in a closer and smoother hair removal. Run cool water over your legs after removal to close the pores and therefore smoothing the skin. Avoid using hot water as this tends to dry out your skin.

This step goes without saying because just like the face and hair, our legs need to be moisturised also. For best results use a thick body butter but if you dislike the greasy feeling then opt for a lotion instead. Concentrate the product on your ankles and knees as you would have probably noticed, those places of skin tend to get extra dry.

Definitely give these tips a go next time you're trying to achieve the perfect smooth leg, I find that they are extremely helpful and each tip combined makes for perfect results.

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