Monday, August 19, 2013


I first came across coconut oil almost two years ago now when I was first getting into fitness and health but soon realised that it's also an amazing beauty product. Keep reading to find out the many ways of which I use this incredible miracle product bot internally and externally.

Beauty Uses
Hair Treatment
Daily Face Moisturizer
Lip and Body Scrub
Eyelash Treatment
Makeup Remover
Bath, Massage and Cuticle Oil
Shaving Oil and Moisturizer
Tanning Oil
Sunburn Treatment

Health Uses
Cooking Oil
Sweetener in Coffee
Add to Baking
Drizzle on museli
* Check out Jordy's Fitness for more ways you can use coconut oil for health and fitness.

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Watch the video for an explanation of each of the uses mentioned ♥


beautyqueenuk said...

Love coconut oil, so many uses and such a lovely scent xx

Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

Emma Cossins said...

I also use coconut oil. My grand mother can made coconut oil as quality. It's good for hair growth.

Amelia Olivia said...

Coconut oil help to keep healthy hair. I also use coconut oil. Because I have nice straight and brigh hair.

adam said...

Food cooked in coconut oil is delicious.
Coconut oil when mixed with olive oil and applied to hair can enrich growth of hair.

maxi cosi car seat said...

Yes Adem, you correct. I have eaten coconut milk used rice. They are really tasty.

Karen Davidson said...

Coconut oil is a best cure for a hair fall. I am using coconut oil since few years ago.

lamodeeternelle said...
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