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I recently had the chance to chat with the beautiful Coralie Ryan and talk all about beauty, brushes and everything cruelty free. Coralie is the founder and owner of the incredible vegan brush and cosmetic company, Furless. Keep reading to find out everything from what inspired Furless to brushes for beginners.

Where did the inspiration for Furless come from? 
The idea for Furless came from the lack of cruelty free options for professional makeup artists, so we decided to bring gorgeous high quality fur-free brushes to the market. Furless was the obvious stand out name.

Furless offers not only brushes but also has a range of makeup and nail polish; where else do you see Furless expanding?
Furless plans to keep adding to our range of pro makeup brushes, as well as work on a new exciting range of cruelty free makeup.

All products on Furless are completely cruelty free and vegan, how important was this to you when creating your company?
Very important. The idea of using animal products for art or beauty just seems absurd. There are non-animal ingredients and materials that can be used, so why abuse animals if you don't need to?

What brushes do you recommend for someone starting out with brushes or first buying from Furless?
We often advise to start with the basics. A good stippling brush or buffer brush for the base, an eyeshadow brush, an angled liner, and a contour brush won't break the bank, but are versatile enough to allow you to create many looks. Then you can add to your collection as you learn and get a feel for what you like.

 If you had to pick an absolute favourite product from Furless, which would it be?
That is a good question. Love the eyeshadow brush from the purple power set, but you just can't go past the Must have Pro Set. It has all the brushes you need to create almost any look you desire and the brushes themselves are little stunners. 

I hope this little interview gave you more insight into Coralie and the background behind Furless. I have worked with them for a while now and completely recommend the company because I truly believe in what they stand for and think it's very admirable.

Don't forget to check out Furless and have a look at all of the amazing products that they offer. 

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I love Furless brushes so it was great to hear some back story :)