Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We spend so much time at our desks that it only makes sense to make it a pleasant and fun place that you actually enjoy being at. For me, having a work space that's organised, practical but also enjoyable is crucial to me actually being productive and getting stuff done! I have brainstormed five ways to brighten a work space and the best part is that all of these tips are easy and affordable. You will be amazing at how these little tweaks to a desk can make a huge impact.

1. Candles
Lighting a scented candle is the easiest thing you can do but it makes a dramatic difference because not only is it visually appealing but it also scents your whole office. If you really want to brighten up your workspace then I recommend the Airwick Multicolour Black Edition because once it's lit, it begins lighting up different colours. The great thing about candles is that there are so many fragrances so that you can make them personalized to you and your mood.
2. Plants
There's just something about fresh plants that brightens up any space and brings more life to the room (literally). Choosing a beautiful desk flower or having a lucky bamboo nearby can make a world of difference when it comes to setting you in a good mood and putting a smile on your face. I am currently obsessed with Orchids but I also love Geraniums and more recently, lucky bamboo. This makes a huge difference, I often times find myself daydreaming into my Orchid and that is where the best ideas and inspiration are found.

3. Coffee
I absolutely love my coffee and it is definitely a highlight of my day so I love having my  coffees at my desk. It's practical because it provides an extra pick me up throughout the day therefore resulting in more productivity. Little coffee breaks are great because it's always good to take a few minutes away from your computer and refocus yourself. You will go back to what you were doing feeling much more refreshed and have a new perspective on things.

4. Reading Material
I absolutely love keeping reading material on my desk for a number of reasons! First and foremost, it's really important to take breaks in between working. This helps rest your brain to ensure it stays active for longer and you don't tire yourself out. It also really helps to refocus yourself and coming back to work on something with a fresh new perspective after having a break is always the best. I love flipping through magazines or makeup books while on a coffee break for some inspiration or  to relax in between working. Just adding some shameless self promotion here but if you didn't know already, I was in this months Women's Health and Fitness magazine (read more about it HERE) so I have had that on my desk for the past couple of weeks.

5. Stationary
My final way to brighten a work space is with adorable stationary because it's not only cute but also practical. I find that having a day planner really helps me keep on track and stay organised as well as it being a fun way to set out your day. I always keep a cute notebook on hand so that if an idea for a blog review or video comes to mind, I can quickly jot it down so I don't forget. Also I absolutely love post it notes, especially pink ones, because they are amazing to add little reminders on my desk or add temporary to-do's to my day planner. Of course everything is pink, it's my favourite colour and I love to be surrounded by it so when I'm at my desk all of the cute pink stuff really brightens my day.

Please let me know if you try any of these ways on how to brighten a work space!

 Thanks for reading ♥

* This review is sponsored by Airwick.


beautyqueenuk said...

Ooh I could do with those daily planner sheets x

Beautyqueenuk xx

Anonymous said...

those orchids are gorgeous and that candle is amazing because i have never seen anything lyk it!

Sian said...

I LOVE nice stationary! xx

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