Saturday, October 5, 2013


I knew heading into IMATS that I was not going to leave without a Lime Crime lipstick. With over five shades on my wishlist, I talked myself out of four (which as a lipstick addict, isn't an easy thing to do) and ended up deciding on "Geradium". From viewing online, this wasn't one I thought would steal my heart as it has but after seeing it in person it's the most perfect wearable coral colour that has a pinch of pink in it also. As someone obsessed with coral I can see this being my go-to Spring and Summer lipstick so expect to see me wearing this quite often. The main great benefit about Lime Crime lipsticks is that they are completely vegan so you can buy in good conscious that no animals were unnecessarily harmed for you to have this lipstick, something I wish a lot more brands got behind and supported.

Colour Range: Lime Crime has 19 colours to choose from in this Opaque Lipstick range. They have a great variety of wearable colours, bright shades as well as unique and crazy options.

Formulation: They have a very creamy consistency which makes them easy to work with and looks quite flattering on the lips.

Scent: They have a very pleasant vanilla small, similar to the MAC lipsticks. Something very enjoyable to apply to the lips.

Quantity: Lime Crime lipsticks contain 3.5grams of product, giving quite a generous amount that will definitely last you a long time, about the same as a MAC lipstick.

Packaging: Obviously the packaging is crazy gorgeous as you can tell from the photos and it definitely stands out amongst the lipsticks from other brands. The whole purple with sparkles and unicorn thing is just so fun and something I enjoy keeping in my purse.

Price and Availability: These retail for $16 but were $17 at IMATS which makes me glad I only bought one there considering I can buy them online cheap (granted shipping isn't too expensive, I haven't had a look at it yet).

Pigmentation: These lipsticks are incredibly pigmented, as all Lime Crime products are and definitely pack a punch of colour. Don't expect any sheer product with Lime Crime, the colour you see in the tube is what you will get on your lips.

Overall, I was happily surprised with the impeccable quality of my first Lime Crime lipstick and I certainly plan on purchasing more in the near future. I definitely recommend getting your hands on some of these lipsticks to try out the range and see how great they are for yourself.

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Kayla said...

This lipstick has been on my wishlist for a while.. I might have to cave in and buy it!

Gaby Fauchon said...

I have tried a few Lime Crime lipsticks and I have found they are always of hight quality and super pigmented!

Ashii said...

It looks beautiful! I'm considering trying a few lime crime lipsticks, although I'm a bit hesitant after the drama that went down a couple of years ago.... Not that it seems like a big deal now, and they just look so pretty!

lamodeeternelle said...

It looks gorgeous but I have no idea if it will suit me.

Nhi said...

woahh this lipstick looks super pretty and the swatch shows the pigmentation really well! love the color you picked out:)

lots of love xx