Thursday, November 7, 2013


Spring is most certainly here and with Summer on the way, the warmer weather is definitely here to stay! I have been busting the usual suspects reserved for this time of year and it gave me the idea for this post! We all have our go-to lip products for Spring and Summer so I walk you through my top 5; everything from hot pinks to bright corals and liquid lipsticks to lip conditioners.

Hot Pink Lip - Klara Kissable Lips '#4'
A hot pink is the youthful and fresh version of a daring red lip (still Summer-time-fine but more appropriate for Winter) and looks incredible in the warmer months with a dewy foundation and barely there eye look. My hot pink lip pick is the Klara Kissable Lips in shade 4 which is what I consider along lasting liquid lipstick; it is a cream formulation that goes on glossy but dries completely matte. Subtract the dryness and finishing balm out of a MAC Pro Longwear and they are quite similar.

Bold Coral Lip - MAC 'Vegas Volt'
No shocker that this vibrant orange shade made it into my top 5 for Spring and Summer, it's not like my addiction to coral is a secret. For me coral just screams warmer weather and Vegas Volt is no exception providing a bold pop of colour without being as dramatic as a hot pink. The only negative about this lipstick is that it has orange undertones (well-duh) and so can result in some teeth looking a tad more yellow. However, it depends on your skintone and all that so this shade could still work for you.

Nude Coral Lip - MAC 'Sweet and Sour'
Oops another coral shade made it into the mix; Sweet and Sour is a gorgeous orange toned nude. It's very light and bright in colour but still has that coral undertone resulting in a gorgeous nude lipstick but with a fresh and summery twist! I bought this recently in their All About Orange collection (like my dream collection) and have fallen in love with it ever since.

Medium Bubblegum Pink - Revlon 'Sweet Tart' Lip Butter
This is one of my all time favourite lip products because it's such a bright and fun colour while still being really wearable and a fool proof shade. It's extremely moisturising and gives a healthy glossy finish. It's one of those products you can chuck in your bag to apply on the go without a mirror and not worry about it looking uneven of not applying it precisely enough.

Tinted Lip Conditioner - MAC 'Fuchsia Fix'
You can't go past a good tinted lip conditioner, it's the best of both worlds; a protecting and moisturising product with a tint of colour and hint of shine. It's an all in one and an essential for any beach bag or Summer purse.

Above are swatches for each of my top five spring and summer lip products, in order they were talked about. I really hope that you enjoyed reading because despite how difficult I found it to narrowing down my favourite lip products for spring and summer, I had a lot of fun putting this together!

 Thanks for reading ♥

* This post is sponsored by Klara Cosmetics.


Unknown said...

That Klara shade is just incredible! I've never seen a hot pink shade so vivid and pigmented in a liquid lipstick form. It's amazing!! Great picks all round Jordy :)

Sarah | More Than Adored

Unknown said...

I am such a fan of corals and pinks for summer - quite a few of those have now made it to my Christmas wish list thanks to you :-)

Madeline said...

Such gorgeous colors, I really wanna try out the Revlon Lip Butters. And the pictures on your blog are amazing! :)