Thursday, November 21, 2013


If you read my Top 5 Spring/Summer Lip Products post or watched the video then you already know my enthusiasm towards the warmer weather. I wanted to continue on the series with my favourite nail polish colours for the season because it is definitely my favourite time for painting my nails crazy and fun shades. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Chi Chi Salon Formula
This is the colour I am wearing on my nails as I type this and the colour that I have been wearing for like the past 2 months straight. This Chi Chi nail polish is the most perfect coral nail polish I have ever found because it goes on your nails the way it looks in the bottle. Only recently have I been raving about it because you can actually begin to get this in stores again as it's only a holiday item stocked at Target, David Jones and Myer. I definitely recommend looking out for it next time you are at a Chi Chi stand as it is such a gorgeous candy coral perfect for Spring and Summer.

2. OPI Shorts Story
Now you have probably heard me rave about this nail polish a lot also and that's because it is my all time favourite OPI colour and I have been wearing it since year 10! In those 3 years I have gone through about 3 bottles of the stuff mainly because I wear it year round. Despite it being an absolute perfect spring and summer colour I find it quite versatile and attempt to pull this off during the cooler weather on particularly sunny days. I would describe this colour best as a mid toned candy pink pastel and think it would suit absolutely everyone, it's just the perfect pink nail polish.
3. OPI Gargantuan Green Grape
My go-to pastel mint colour, this shade is perfect for the warmer weather. This particular nail polish is more of a green toned mint than your typical blue toned mint but I think it gives it something a little different and I prefer the lightness against a tan. It's rare that you find a greenish mint colour that isn't translucent but with this one I guarantee that what you see in the bottle is what you get and with 2 coats or less you are left with an opaque nail colour.
4. OPI Do You Lilac It
This is my go-to safe colour as it's much more wearable than the other four options and can even be work appropriate. The pastel purple provides a bit more wearability than pink and definitely much more sophistication than a coral, mint or yellow. While still bringing the same spring and summer pop of colour but it's a touch more feminine making it the best of both worlds

5. Face of Australia Lemon Sorbet
A huge contrast from the feminine and work appropriate pastel purple, this colour is sure to catch some attention! A bright pastel yellow goes particularly well with a fake tan and just screams summer, you can't get much more summery than the colour of the sun! I prefer a pastel yellow to a neon yellow because a neon yellow can become a little too much whereas something like a pastel is much more wearable. It puts a girly and feminine spin on a bright yellow
So those are my top 5 nail polishes for Spring and Summer! I definitely recommend trying out any and all of these particular polishes and let me know your favourites in a comment below!
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Kate Flint said...

Gargantuan Green Grape is soo good :) Some lovely pastel colours here for Spring. I've got to try the Chi Chi one, that coral is amazeballs!

Kate Xx

dawndugong said...

Great picks! Do You Lilac It is such a stunning colour :D

The Weekend Avenue said...

Love the entire range. The colours look amazing!

Lily x

beautyqueenuk said...

That is a really lovely pink colour,
Beautyqueenuk xx

Jasminecara said...

Lovely picks! I love a good mint green for spring/summer xx

Jen27 said...

Love all of the pastel shades from OPI! I have Gargantuan Green Grape and it's one of my faves :)