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If you have been following my first impressions series I have already filmed videos for Daiso and Essence but have been highly requested to film one for BOE Beauty and here it is. If you aren't familiar with BOE Beauty, it's an affordable cosmetics line only available at Big W and all products are $2. Watch these products in action by watching the first impressions video HERE.

Pressed Powder Compact #2 Natural
I am an avid user of pressed powders and use them to set my foundation every single time so was very interested in trying out the powder BOE Beauty offers. I think this is an extremely decent powder of great quality mainly because it achieves what a powder aims to which is mattifying. The consistency is very smooth and velvety not to mention it doesn't give a cakey appearance at all which a lot of cheap powders seem to do.
Blush Powder #2 Rosy
Immediately when I saw this blush I thought of my MAC Cream Blush in "Lady Blush" because it's the same sort of dusty rose colour that I love to wear on a daily basis. There were a couple of other shades to choose from but I felt like this is the colour that appealing most to me and I was so impressed with the pigmentation and consistency. The quality of this blush is most definitely outstanding considering the small price.
Shimmer Powder #92 Highlight
BOE Beauty had two options for this shimmer; a silver and then the gold that I chose. I think the silver would be perfect for a holiday makeup look but I chose the gold because I prefer a warm bronzed glow. This is extremely pigmented so you only need a tiny amount otherwise you will end up looking like a disco ball. So I think for $2 that this is a fantastic highlighter with great pigmentation and a lovely consistency.
Eyeshadow Duo #22/21 Natural Beauty
The shimmery lid colour had quite a lot of fall out unfortunately while the brown was fantastic. I think the pigmentation was great and they were extremely blendable making them nice to work with.
Liquid Eye Liner
I wasn't expecting much from the eyeliner because I recently tried a similar product from Essence in my recent First Impressions and it irritated my eyes. However, this liquid liner was extremely impressive and although it wasn't as precise as my Maybelline Master Precise it is still fantastic for how affordable it is.

Curling Mascara
I was extremely surprised at how much I loved this mascara because I am quite particular with the lash products I use. This mascara effectively lengthened my lashes and had a great black consistency, achieving a great lash look.
Lip Lacquer #4 Kissalicious
Finishing off the look with a lip product, I tried out one of the lip lacquers and had high expectations because the pink through the tube looked absolutely stunning. Unfortunately it turned out to just be a slightly tinted so I was a bit disappointed but it's great if you just want a subtle gloss.

So those are my opinions on the first set of BOE Beauty products I tried out, overall I was quite impressed with most items I tried out especially considering they only cost $2.

Don't forget to check out the first impressions video here:

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