Tuesday, December 31, 2013


When starting out with makeup, which is overwhelming in itself, brushes can seem like an additional battle you want to avoid but I promise you that they are well worth the time and money investment finding good brushes. Since when just starting out with makeup you probably don't have a whole heap of money to spend, I have created my top five brushes that I would recommend if you were only able to choose a few.

Previously I have recommended my top 5 face brushes for beginners (watch the video HERE and read the blog HERE) but in this edition I will be focussing on eye brushes.

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#1 Flat Shader Brush
This is an absolute essential for achieving an even base lid colour and will save you so much time in comparison to fumbling around with sponges or fingers.

#2 Blending Brush
I can not stress enough the importance of a good blending brush! Nothing looks worse than harsh unblended lines so be sure to invest in a good round tip dense brush to blend everything out. They come in a variety of sizes so it's up to you if you would like to blend longer but more precisely with a small brush or quicker with a larger brush.

#3 Detailer Brush
These brushes are particularly useful for inner corner highlights and packing black shadow on top of gel liner. Fantastic to have because no other tool apart from a detailer brush can achieve the same precise results.

#4 Eyeliner Brush
This is crucial unless you are using a liquid liner or gel liner that comes with a brush but even then eyeliner brushes like this are always useful. They give you so much more creativity and control over what looks that you can create. I prefer the slanted eyeliner brushes because they allow easier application.

#5 Precise Colour Packer Brush
You can't forget about a brush to pack the colour into your crease and there are many types which achieve similar results. My top two would be a slanted thin brush and a tapered round brush. This is great for application of crease colours or adding shades to your outer v eye area.

Brands Recommended: Real Techniques make incredible brushes at a really reasonable price just make sure that you buy them online from iHerb if you live in Australia as they are quite overpriced in Priceline. If you buy from iHerb you can even use the discount code QAB322 to save even more money ($10 off orders over $40 and $5 off orders over $20). Watch my video review on these brushes HERE.

Furless is also an amazing brand of cruelty free makeup brushes, you can check out my review for them HERE.

Watch the video above for more of an explanation on each brush.

Thank you for reading.