Thursday, January 23, 2014


Struggling to walk after a long night in heels, we have all been there! As fabulous as massive pumps look with your dress, blisters are the sad reality and painful consequence. I have put together three steps to help you keep your party feet pampered. These tips will come in handy for the new year and all of the launch parties/re-openings that come with starting out 2014.

1. Prevention
Wouldn't it be great to not get blisters or bruising in the first place? Well this is where gel cushions come in handy! Simply pop these into the soles of your shoes so that when you walk in them it creates a comfortable barrier between your foot and the shoe. This makes them much more wearable and decreases the chance of bruising on the bottom of your foot, swollen feet and nasty blisters.
2. Protect
Now if you do unfortunately get some nasty blisters on your feet and are still out then don't fret, quickly use the Blister Shield Plasters for Instant Pain Relief. This pack includes two small and three large bandages which provide advanced protection and are perfect to keep in your handbag or going out clutch. These will give instant relief as your shoe will no longer rub on the broken skin.
3. Treatment
After the night is all over and you are left with your poor feet in blistered condition, the product you need is the Dry Skin Recovery Cream! It has instant affects and will help to heal your skin and bring your feet back to good condition. Moisture is key to help heal your blisters so apply this the days following your party and you should be back to wearing heels in no time.

Now I hope you all found this helpful and use some of these tips for your next outing where you will be standing in heels for a long time.

Thank you for reading.
*This post is sponsored by Scholl.

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