Tuesday, February 18, 2014


There's no denying my obsession with coral; everything from dresses to lipsticks is fair game when it comes to that gorgeous colour. Well a few weeks ago I added to my makeup collection my very first MAC Coral blush. Why this is so noteworthy you wonder, simply because MAC have the most amazing formulation of blushes and so now I have my favourite colour in my favourite consistency...a match made in heaven. Keep reading to find out more about MAC "Peaches" blush.

Starting out with the most obvious aspect of this blush, the colour. I would best describe this colour as a soft pastel peach. It's entirely matte which is perfect because it gives you the option of leaving it matte or adding shimmer. The dusty coral makes it so wearable and that is great because an issue I have with some other coral blushes is that they are too bright to wear on a daily basis.

As I mentioned previously, MAC Blushes have my favourite consistency (in most cases) out of every other brand. The formulation is so finely milled and soft without being overly powdery. That's the best way to describe it but it's best to check it out yourself next time you're at a MAC counter.

Peaches is best used only as blush. It looks amazing paired with a coral lip like MAC Sweet and Sour (for a light look) or Vegas Volt (for a bold look).
Peaches is quite versatile so can be lightly applied for a coral glow or heavily applied for a dramatic peach colour.

Cost and Accessibility
MAC blushes retail for $41 and are available from MAC counters at Myer and David Jones.

So overall, I would recommend this blush if you are a coral lover like me or even just because you don't have a shade like this in your collection. It's perfect for Spring/Summer and can even be transitioned into Winter.

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Zoe Archer said...

I love that blush and it is a great addition to any collection.

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous colour! Might have to go and pick it up sometime. :)



Anonymous said...

I love this blush! It is amazing! Your blog is amazing and so is your youtube channel! Followed you instantly. xx Tara


Unknown said...

Gorgeous colour! Love reading your blogs and watching your videos :)