Tuesday, February 4, 2014


With aisles and aisles full of endless tanning options, it's easy to feel a little lost! First you have to decide if you want a mousse, gel, cream, mist or spray then there's options between gradual, instant or semi permanent. Next you have to decide what brand to go with in what price range and finally the colour; light, medium or dark. If that's not enough you also have to figure out a method of application; gloves, mitts, sponges or simply your hands. Let's just say this leaves us open to many potential tanning disasters...this is where I come in!
I'm here to help guide you through the confusing world of fake tanning and I myself have only just found my way. But it wasn't alone, it was with the help of one fantastic product that completely changed my perception on fake tanning - St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. This isn't to say St. Tropez is that only brand that can make a decent fake tan but it is to say that I finally found a product that works for me - cheeto orange hands and streaks nowhere in sight.
With all that being said, I recommend a good scrub before any fake tanners are used! Check out my review on the Clinique Sparkle Skin Scrub HERE, it's the perfect product to prime your skin before fake tanning. Now let's get into the review, with such a large intro this must be a magical product right?!
Formulation: It has a lightweight mousse consistency that is extremely aerated which makes application an ease as it glides over the skin effortlessly. The mousse looks like a deep brown chocolate mousse when dispensed directly from the tube and goes on to create a gorgeous chocolate brown tint on the skin.

Directions: Dispense product onto the corresponding St. Tropez bronzing mitt and ensure that enough is on the applicator to cover the entire body part you intend on fake tanning. The reasoning behind this is that the formula dries very quickly so the entire area of skin must be done at the same time to avoiding layering product and therefore creating streaks.

Effectiveness: You're left with what you were lusting over, a glowing and natural tan. You will notice results right away which makes application much easier than a product where you can't tell where you've put it as you end up with a much more even tan. The best part is that although you can tell a difference right away, the tan also develops to become even darker.

Usage: This is a product you have to use at least a couple times a week to actually maintain your tan. The reason is because after you take a shower, a lot of the colour is washed off. Definitely not all of it, but quite a dramatic amount and if you like a really dark tan then you may have to reapply every couple of days.

Scent: Okay so here is where a lot of fake tans generally have issues, the scent. I am happy to say that St. Tropez has a pleasant and nice smell meaning that you can wear it throughout the day without anyone knowing you have just applied fake tan and you can sleep with it on at night without feeling sick.

Cost and Availability: The price point on this tanner makes it a luxury item, costing $60 which is quite a lot for a fake tan. However, you receive 120ml of product and although you do have to reapply quite often it still works out to be cost effective. Since you get about 8-10 uses out of a bottle and it gives the same results as a spray tan (which is usually between $30-$50 each time), you end up saving money! This product is available at Priceline, Myer, David Jones and Chemists.

I definitely recommend picking up some St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse for yourself because not only is it an incredible fake tanner that none I have tried compare to, but it is also a money saver if you're someone who usually pays for spray tans.
I hope you found this review helpful and good luck in the journey that is finding a tanning product that's right for you.

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Unknown said...

I definitely want to try the St Tropez Bronzing Mousse, but never really wanted to fork out the money, although I might do now. :) Great review xx

Love&Orange said...

I love false tan! I have never tried the St Tropez but I am now going to purchase it, as this was such a good review Jordy! I am new to blogging and youtube so if you are ever looking for new people to follow and subscribe to im a kiwi girl doing the beauty fashion thing :) Keep doing your thing cos its amazing! :)



Ana said...

Hmmm...interesting. It seems like a great product to try out. Since summer is fast approaching, I think this is worth the try for I have also heard so much about this product.