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Most of us lust for a head full of thick and long hair but sometimes the only way to achieve that look is with hair extensions. To avoid any potential disasters that could come along with fake locks, I have put together my top 5 tips for choosing the perfect hair extension from the guys who own it, Great Lengths.

1. 100% Human Hair, Never Synthetic.
Great Lengths are all
100% human hair extensions so if you purchase your hair from them you know you’re in the okay. Having your hair extensions be human hair is so important especially if you plan on heat styling or washing them as you would your own hair. Synthetic extensions are made from plastic and will melt if you attempt to straighten or curl them but with 100% human hair you will never have that issue.

2. Think Ethically
Sometimes hair extensions can be obtained in disreputable circumstances so luckily Great Lengths is extremely cautious when obtaining their hair and creating their extensions. They are actually the only hair extension company that sources and processes its own hair. Great Lengths hair comes from a Hindu Temple where many Indians offer their hair as a sacrifice to the temple and also as a sign of starting a new life. This hair is then handcrafted in Italy for premium results.

3. The Method of Application
With so many options at hand, the method of application becomes an important aspect to take into consideration. The options are keratinbonded, tape and clip in and it is important to decide which of these options suits your lifestyle best. If you like to mix it up often and only sometimes enjoy long locks then I would recommend clip in. However, if you want something a bit more permanent and an everyday hair style then keratin bonded or tape is definitely for you.

4. Double Drawn and Remi Hair
These are two terms you must remember while choosing hair extensions as they are important and will affect your experience with having them in. Double drawn hair is when all of the short hair strands have been removed and you are left only with the long ones resulting in volumous and thick hair that is consistent from root to tip. Remi is a process that occurs while bundling the human hair which involves ensuring the hair is facing the right direction from root to ends which results in a more manageable mane.

5. The Perfect Colour
Great Lengths offers over 50 shades and hues so that you can perfectly match your natural or colour treated hair to your extensions. Choose the colour you think suits your hair most and if you are undecided between two, always choose the lightest of them because it’s easier to throw a quick dye over the extensions than it is to bleach them. Avoiding having to bleach your extensions will also mean that they are more ‘virgin’ and therefore less damaged.

Consultation Time
After you have taken all of this information into consideration, it’s time to book a consultation at your nearest salon that applies Great Lengths hair extensions. Click on
salon locator and you’re closer than ever to achieving the thick long locks you have been lusting after.

So whether you want to add some
hair extensions to achieve a more thick and volumous look or if you want to use extensions to create those long locks you have always dreamt of, then these tips are definitely worth considering.

This article is sponsored by Great Lengths.
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