Sunday, April 27, 2014


The Balm is a brand that I have had my eye on for some time now primarily because of the adorable packaging that is undeniably comparable to Benefit. I have been trying out a lot of their products lately and this one that I have particularly been loving, the Instain Long Wearing Powder Blush in "Houndstooth".

Let's first of all take a moment to appreciate the packaging, you can't beat a mock magazine as the encasing for your beautiful speckled egg design blush. The colour of the blush can best be described as a peachy pink with dusty maeve undertones and the fun little addition of fuchsia speckles.

The consistency is really silky and blendable creating a natural flushed look perfect for everyday wear. "Houndstooth" has a slight shimmer to it but nothing dramatic enough to be scared of, it just ads that natural glowy look that I personally prefer.

As far as cost goes I think that The Balm is sort of in the middle of the pricing spectrum at $27.95 a blush. If you compare that to a Maybelline blush at $14.95 and a Benefit boxed blush at $51 you can see that The Balm in relation to pricing, really sits in the middle of drugstore and high end.

My only dislike of this product is that the speckled egg design is only on the top layer of the product so once you begin using it, the beautiful fuchsia design is rubbed away. 

The Balm have little stands in David Jones stores where they aren't proper kiosks looked after by a specific consultant but more a serve-yourself stand that displays the products. This mean that there isn't someone to help chose shades or recommend products but at least we have this great brand so accessible to us.
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* The Balm product was provided for this review but it is not a sponsored post. 


Anonymous said...

This colour looks so pretty, love the packaging :)

Unknown said...

This blush looks absolutely gorgeous. I'll be making a trip to Sydney on the weekend, so I may just have to pick it up! :) xx

beautyqueenuk said...

What a gorgeous blush this looks x
Beautyqueenuk xx