Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Last night in America was the Met Gala 2014, yet another event for celebrities to get dresses head to toe in their finest wear. As expected there were glimmering stars and their beauty made my jaw drop while others made me cringe. So I have chosen my best and worst three gowns from this years MET Gala...keep reading to see who made the cut and who could have chosen better dresses.
Blake Lively in Gucci. With this breathtaking gown I saw a bit of real life Serena Van der Woodsen in Blake, either that or she hired the same stylist she had for Gossip Girl. In all seriousness though this is the most incredible dress from the entire event and my jaw dropped when I saw it for the first time. It's made from a gorgeous silky dusty rose material with a rose gold threading throughout. It hugs her curves in all the right ways with the neckline being the perfect combination of low cut yet classy. My favourite feature is the elegant ruching of material around the waist and also at the shoulders because it makes the dress so unique. This gown also features a subtle mermaid hemline as well as an interesting train. I think it could have definitely done without the train but it adds so much more character to the dress so I actually like it.

Selena Gomez in Diane von Furstenberg. I have been absolutely obsessed with this deep fuchsia-berry shade lately because it's perfect for Autumn and Winter which it's finally starting to feel like in Brisbane. Selena's makeup is on point to match the dress and I have sneaking suspicion that she may even be wearing MAC Rebel lipstick (read my review HERE) or a colour similar, of which I have been wearing nearly everyday. I adore the mermaid hemline, the ruching at the waist and also the unique frills on the bust of one side of the neckline. She kept it simple and basic but definitely rocked it.
Rachel McAdams in Charles James. Someone else who kept it simple and basic is Rachel in this muted pastel pink gown and she indeed rocked it also. I love the simplicity of this gown and it's strong lines with the strapless hem, slit down the side and scalloped ruffled trail. The colour is so feminine especially when paired against her pale skin and golden brunette hair.

Kirsten Stewart in Chanel. As much as I love Chanel, and even most components of this frock, I feel like it's too much and the creepy black outfit reflects her empty soul (sorry KS fans). I actually really love the long sleeved, slightly of the shoulder cardigan component because it's such a classic look and I also like the belted at the waist part. The sheer train has it's place and with the rest of this frock is not it. The ostrich looking feathers are very strange and don't contrast well with the rest of the materials. The shoes are probably the only thing she is doing right with this outfit. Besides, even based solely on the hair I would have put her through as worst dressed because that half blonde, half orange comb over is doing nothing for her.
Lupita Nyong'o in Prada. Similarly to Chanel, I adore Prada and Margot Robbie rocked a gorgeous frock from them at the same event (it actually almost made it into this post as a best dressed) but this is definitely a miss for me. I love the shade of green but the beads and feathers make this look more appropriate for Mardi Gras. The shoes look like an arts and craft project and I'm not a fan of the brown dress underneath paired with the strange netting over the top. It's quite disappointing considering Lupita has been on such a roll with all of her gorgeous event gowns but this one is definitely a worst dressed in my books.
Chloe Grace in Moretz Charles James. I love the colour scheme of the pastel pink because it's very youthful and fresh as well as the feminine fabrics of lace, fluff and the sheer blouse. However, there is just too much going on with this outfit from the "necktie" and peter pan collar to the strange silver studded pattern and the pairing of lace on top of tulle. I know the direction her stylist was trying to go with the whole "keeping it age appropriate" factor but it really is just a hideous dress when all these components are paired together.

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Unknown said...

I just posted about the Met Gala and saw you had too :) Personally I didn't like Selena's dress that much but Blake Lively definitely looked stunning.


Bec said...

Charlize Theron and Blake Lively were definitely my favourites! X

Bec | Bec & Beauty

Unknown said...

Blake Lively absolutely stunning in that dress ♡