Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I have been wearing this lipstick around 60% of the time for the last few months so I thought it was about time I did a review on this gorgeous lip colour! Keep reading to find out more about my thoughts on this creamy pink lip shade.

There's something about this colour that has me hooked and makes me always reach for it over so many other products! It's much more bold than Australis Jive but not as tricky to wear as Snob, it's the middle ground. I can safely say that I have now found the perfect pink.

As with all MAC lipsticks, Pink Nouveau has a beautiful consistency that is very smooth. Due to this lip product being so creamy it results in a really wearable colour since it compliments your lips rather than accentuates the cracks in them as some light pinks do.
You can tell from the swatch above that what you see in the tube it what you get on your lips which is great because it's such a disappointment when colours look incredible in the tube but wear quite sheer. I love how pigmented this is because it means that only one coat is required for application.

Cost and Accessibility
MAC lipsticks retail for $36 and are available from MAC counters at Myer and David Jones. Yes nearly $40 for a lipstick seems a lot but this is definitely one that you will get lots of use out of.

So overall, I would recommend this lipstick if you're a person who is looking for their perfect pink shade or just a great everyday colour.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've found your perfect pink! I just did about a month ago and it was heaven. I had a lipstick that I wasn't afraid to use up hehe :D Pink Nouveau sounds like a dream!

Carolyn said...

Gorgeous! Do you have a picture of it on you?
Carolyn | BLOG

Jordy said...

Totally know what you mean! It definitely is, I guess finding your perfect pink depends on your skintone but I feel like this would suit most people :) x

Jordy said...

You want to know something so weird, I don't think I do haha! You would think that I have 100 pictures of me wearing it since I do wear it so often...but I've somehow managed to get no photos! I'm going to have to change that lol :) x

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, this looks beautiful! Definitely going on the shopping list! ♡

Eila | theblushingbrunettes