Friday, June 13, 2014


Don't ask me how but someway I managed to avoid NARS until now. It was probably mixture of accessibility and price that kept me away from this infamous brand so long but wait no's a review on my first NARS product. I of course went with a blush since they are so highly raved about and since so many colours I originally had at the top of my list were sold out I went with Nico, an interesting colour that I thought would be fun to experiment with.

Now this is the interesting aspect about the product, NARS Nico is a light sand toned nude with a silver and pink duo chrome sparkle throughout. Duo to it being such a light sand shade it nearly has a bit of a highlighting result rather than blushing look.

This is an aspect that applies to all NARS blushes and can be taken into consideration for different shades. Their blushes have a nice smooth consistency that's almost like a soft chalk but not cakey. Very impressed with the formulation of this blush, it definitely encourages me to use it more often because it's so easy to work with.

As a blush, it's purpose is tailored specifically for cheeks but it is surprisingly also a fantastic eyeshadow as a base for the lid or brow bone highlight. If you're skin tone is quite dark then this is an amazing illuminator or highlighter to bring light to your cheekbones or if you're quite pale then it acts as a very subtle bronzer and brings some radiance to the skin.

It applies as a vibrant and rich chalky colour but as I mentioned before, don't be scared of the term chalky because it isn't necessarily always bad. The chalkiness is almost like a cream product that blends into the skin to create a rich pigmented so yes chalky in the best way possible.
I absolutely adore the packaging on all NARS products. There's something so appealing about their sleek black case with sharp white writing. Another massive positive of the packaging is that it comes with a fair sized nice mirror. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's compacts without mirrors so I am happy to note that this doesn't disappoint.

Cost and Accessibility
If you're an Australian reader then this is quite an expensive product, as I mentioned earlier in this review. This blush will set you back $45 but in comparison to other brands such as Chanel it's not such a bad deal, I own a blush from Chanel that has way less product than this NARS one and is also about half the quality.

Onto my overall thoughts on this product, I am now a massive fan of NARS and you bet that I will be adding to my collection from now on. Despite the price, I think that this is a fantastic product and is worth it.

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* This product was provided for review.


Anonymous said...

Hi jordy,
Please do include swatches or you using it photo for reference :-) enjoy your blog very much... xoxo

Jordy said...

No swatches were included because the product is tricky to get to show up on camera so the photos didn't turn out for this review :) x