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If you're looking for new makeup on a budget then you are guaranteed to enjoy this post. I love how Covergirl offers affordable makeup because it means that you are able to try out new products without spending heaps of money. I won't go too in depth with what I think of each product because if you want to see more information on a specific product then I can do a whole review on it. Now let's get into these speed reviews on each product. Alternatively you can check out the video here.

CG Smoothers BB Cream
I have tried a lot of different BB creams and I've found a few favourites so wasn't expecting this Covergirl one to compare but I was pleasantly surprised.

Clean Glow Blush
I was excited to see that this is a matte blush because I always love having the option of using the product matte or adding my own shimmer. It just ads a whole lot more versatility to the product and for that reason it is one of my favourite picks from all these new products I tried. I also love the option of choosing between three colours of mixing and matching them to achieve a blush shade I think suits a particular makeup look.

Smoochies Lip Glow #Luv U
This particular product took me back to my childhood because the scent and formulation was so comparable to a Lip Smacker only it actually had a tint. It wasn't what I was expecting regarding colour payoff but instead is a perfect everyday colour that I can see myself wearing often.

Flamed Out Mascara
The brush on this mascara is awesome but unfortunately it didn't work for me and my lashes just did not cooperate with it. It's definitely not the worst mascara I've ever tried but there are so many other options out there that work much better for me.

Ink It Eyeliner
The name made me think that this was a liquid or felt liner so I was surprised to see that this was your typical stick liner. The product is fantastic for water lining and you can even achieve an adequate winged look. It a very pigmented black and smudges out for a smokey look if necessary so I would say that it's quite versatile.

2 Step Cream Eyeshadow
I've never been able to get cream Eyeshadows to work for me but these were such a pleasure to use because the consistency was so blendable and creamy. I can see that these would be a great time saver because all you have to do is quickly swipe on the product, give it a bit of a blend then you're good to go.

Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish
This is something that I didn't get around to including in the video but the nail colour I was wearing was also a Covergirl product and I was so impressed with everything about it. The colour was great, it was long lasting and overall a great nail polish so I'm definitely going to look into this range and pick up some more colours.

I couldn't talk about the lasting power in the video because obviously it was the first time I tried each product and it wasn't a proper review so I thought I would touch on it a bit here. Each of the items lasted very nicely with my face staying in place all day. The eyeshadow creased a little bit but that was to be expected for a cream eyeshadow and other than that everything lasted very nicely all day.
So those were all of my little speed reviews on some new Covergirl makeup items that I tried, I really hope that you found this helpful and maybe try out some of these products for yourself and let me know yours thoughts.
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