Monday, July 14, 2014


Since I never got around to filming my June favourites I thought I would put together a little Products I Have Been Loving post instead which showcases the beauty and skincare items that have been favourites over the past month and a half. You can watch the video HERE.

EOS Lip Balms
Queensland's first Costco opened up in Northlakes recently and everyone was telling me that they sold EOS lip balms so I of course had to go and check it out. I have tried one EOS lip balm before which was the Sweet Mint one which I bought from eBay but they are so expensive on there so I was excited to get a really good deal at Costco of 4 for under $20! I now keep them scattered everywhere; in my purse and car, next to my bed and on my office desk.

Maybelline Matt5 Lipstick
This is an incredible colour. I love matte reds so much and usually they are quite drying but this one is really creamy, absolutely beautiful in texture and consistency so it's an absolute dream to wear.

Keester Black Peach Melba Nail Polish
This beautiful nude peach colour reminds me of a lipstick shade I would wear like MAC Sweet and Sour so if you ever want to match your lip colour to your nails then you know what to get. One coat results in a completely opaque colour, the brush is fantastic for application and the packaging is gorgeous.
L'Oreal Hydra Fresh Gel Balm
Since it has been so cold lately my skin has been drying out like crazy so a product that has been helping me through is this incredible aqua balm! I love how lightweight this product is while still being extremely moisturising.

Teeez Products
I was hesitant at first about these products because I had never heard of the brand but after trying some of their stuff out I can happily say that this is an incredible brand. I have received three products from monthly subscription boxes and they have all be incredible quality with gorgeous packaging.

Maybelline SuperStay Foundation
I am super picky (pun intended) when it comes to my foundations and I find it hard to stray from my all time favourite Chanel Mat Lumiere. However, Chanel foundations are very expensive and I power through them like no other so it's become quite an expense having to constantly repurchase an $80 foundation. That is why I decided to give some other foundations a go and I have found myself actually liking the Maybelline SuperStay so for me to remotely like another foundation speaks worlds of the product.

So those are some beauty favourites that I have been loving over the past month and a bit, let me know if you have tried any of them and what your thoughts are.

Thank you for reading :)


Vett Vandiver said...

so fun, your makeup looks so pretty!

Jordy said...

@Vett Vandiver
Thank you so much lovely :) x