Friday, August 29, 2014


I had the pleasure of viewing the new collection from George Wu while at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival and was so impressed with all of the divine creators that I had to share them with you! Out from behind the curtains emerged mostly evening dresses fit for a modern day woman and one pants and top combination.
The delicate lace overlayed the soft nude pink is a stunning combination while the black silk bow and trail really pull everything together. The box neckline gives a sophisticated and classy feel to the look.
My favourite look of the show has to go to this one, mainly due to the fact that I can't resist any sort of pink, white and black colour combination. The beautiful sweetheart neckline is clustered with beautiful white flowery patterns that continue down the dress until the mermaid style, flowy bottom.
The odd one out with this black trouser and white skin tight sweater. This one is perfect for a corporate setting (if paired with a blazer) or a dinner out. It's one of those outfits that easily transitions from day to night.
Following the same lace over nude trend as seen with the first design, this one is a little more edgy. With pants instead of a dress and a cape instead of a subtle backward trail, this piece is for the more daring woman.
Here we have something a bit different, what appears to be a black leotard underneath a flowy transparent overlay. I love the white details on the front that give shape to the dress and also how the transparent mesh covers the arms. For a modest look that still shows a lot of skin.
A similar dress to that above but even more modest since the black mesh is much more tinted. The white flowery pattern makes another appearance, the scattering down the dress looking absolutely divine.
This last dress I was entirely sold on. I just couldn't get past the nude underwear looking a bit tacky. It would have been perfect if the black sparkly design continued down further leaving only the transparent train for the legs.

Hair and Makeup: I adore the style that was achieved in this runway because it screamed sophistication and glamour. The hair was put in pin curls, specially styled per girl to frame their face in the most flattering way. For makeup they went with a flawless base, minimal eye makeup and a coral red for the lips.

So my final thoughts on this collection are that this is an incredible selection of evening gowns with one random but very wearable look thrown in there. These designs are for the modern woman as they incorporate a lot of new edge themes while still bringing an old school glamour.

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ThomasMaloney said...

These actually look quite vintage! Not that I would know much about fashion, but I'm pretty sure I saw something similar in a self storage pod we had a while back..