Friday, August 8, 2014


Something that a lot of you have probably noticed is that I'm not a huge tube lipgloss fan and my dislike for gloss mainly comes down to most formulations on the market being too sticky. I definitely don't apply lipgloss hoping my hair will stick on my lips but it happens all too often. Fortunately there have been a small select few products that have pleasantly surprised me with their smooth and creamy formulation while still achieving a glossy lip look. One of these is the Benefit Ultraplush Lip Gloss.

After collecting three of the colours I thought that it was about time to share my thoughts on this range with you so here we go.  

There are six different colours of Ultraplush Lip Glosses (if clear is considered a colour) and so that means I have half of the range. Lollibop is a creamy candy pink colour, A-Lister is a creamy light peach-pink shade and Icebreaker is a clear gloss. The other three colours available are Kiss You which is a purple, Fauxmance which is a soft berry and Poutrageous, a bright pink-coral.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, the consistency is why I have so much trouble with lipgloss so it makes me very happy that these have a beautiful creamy formulation. You can rub your lips together and it just feels like a really soft lip balm treatment so not sticky whatsoever.

I have included some swatches in a photo below of Lollibop and A-Lister because swatching a clear lipgloss would be silly. As you can see the hot pink is a semi translucent glossy candy pink whereas the light pink is more of a nude pink pastel glittery shade.

Something that may not seem important on first thought but I have had some pretty gross plastic smelling/tasting lip glosses in my time so scent is a deal breaker for me. This range is scented like candy strawberries, something really sweet and fruity so it's definitely a pleasure to wear.

I absolutely love carrying these around in my handbag or propping it at my desk because it's just such cute packaging and really nice to use. The applicator is a slanted squeezy tube kind so you can squeeze some out on your hand and use a brush to apply the gloss over lipstick or apply it straight from the tube.

Cost and Accessibility
As a Brisbane based beauty blogger I'm always thinking of you gals and if these products will be accessible to you. A lot of times products that I love this much are unfortunately from brands hard to get your hands on such as Tarte or Stila but I'm happy that these are from Benefit and you can get them at your nearest counter in David Jones or Myer for $23. Alternatively you can shop online from the US Benefit website and snap them up for only $16. Yes it may seem like quite a lot for a gloss but I know that personally I don't mind spending a bit extra on a great product.

So overall, I would recommend this range of lipglosses if you're someone who can't stand sticky or tacky lip products but are still looking for that gorgeous shine.

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Anonymous said...

The packaging is so cute! I guess the slanted squeeze tube glosses are more 'no-fuss' than ones with an applicator, huh? I'm sure these will last you awhile too! I'll check them out the next time I'm meandering around Sephora! Thanks for the review!

Sybil said...

love all the shades you got!! so pretty!

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Jordy said...

Definitely! You can even apply these one handed which you can't if you have a lipgloss and a wand to control :) x

Jordy said...

Me too! There's some other really gorgeous ones as well you could check out :) x

Maja K said...

I'm also usually not a big fan of tube lipgloss because of sticky feeling but I loved your review and the consistency of these products does truly look creamy and glossy ;) xx Maja

Jordy said...

@Maja K
Definitely agree! I can't stand sticky glosses so that why I love these creamy ones so much :) x