Friday, September 5, 2014


If you have been following my blog or YouTube for a little while then you would have picked up on that I usually stick to one foundation, that being the Chanel Mat Lumiere. Each time I have strayed from that holy grail foundation I have regretted it by being disappointed about how it has worked on my skin. Most of them have been drugstore ones so I haven't minded too much but I thought it was about time I gave another high end foundation a go. I decided to take the plunge and finally try out the Estee Lauder Double Wear after hearing so much hype surrounding it. I started off with a small sample and at first didn't like it because it was so different to anything I have tried but it quickly grew on me.
I selected the shade "Ecrew" which is one of the lightest they offer and it is very comparable to the shade "Clair" from Chanel Mat Lumiere, probably around the same colour as MAC NC25.

This aspect of the product is what had me so hesitant at first because when I initially used the foundation it felt like I was applying fast drying paint to my face, not very pleasant. But I quickly got used to the feeling and realised that it was the trade-off for such a lightweight feel.

Double Wear is an extremely fast drying foundation so you have to work really quickly with this product to avoid it looking cakey or patchy. The best way of application I have found is the flower petal method which consists of applying the foundation to a small section then blending right away and repeating the process until the entire face is covered. To access the product I either pour a little bit out onto a foundation dish and apply it with a stippling brush or I will take a small clean foundation brush and dip it in there to apply directly to the face.
Okay so into the nitty gritty of this review...does it actually work? In short, yes! The coverage of this foundation is truly amazing to the point where most days I don't even require concealer as it covers everything perfectly on it's own. This is a high coverage foundation, no doubt about it, and I haven't ever used something so full-on. For this reason it may not be an everyday foundation unless you really enjoy a flawless face on a daily basis but even then I prefer a more real-life look for everyday. This is a foundation that I now use while filming, for nights out, business meetings or dinners but I still prefer my Chanel Mat Lumiere or a BB Cream for everyday use. I also haven't experienced any issues with oxidisation of which has been a huge issue with me in the past.

Double Wear is an extremely long wearing foundation and at the end of the day looks just as fresh as when you first applied it in the early morning. Due to the longlasting power of this foundation you must ensure that you remove it properly otherwise it can clog your pores. I love how the appearance of the foundation doesn't slowly decline but rather stays "fresh" until you take it off.

Estee Lauder Double Wear is packaged in a rectangle frosted glass bottle with a gold screw cap. My only dislike about this product is that it's a pour method rather than having a squeeze pump to dispense the product.

Cost and Accessibility
This foundation isn't too expensive at only $50 and I say "only" because the Chanel Mat Lumiere is around $70 but I do understand that $50 is still quite a lot for a foundation. I would say that it's definitely worth it though since you only need the smallest amount for each use. You can purchase this at any Estee Lauder counter such as those in Myer and David Jones.
Now that's all for my review on the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, I hope that you found this helpful! My overall opinion is that it's a great product and absolutely perfect if you have been looking for something super full coverage and are willing to pay a little bit more for great quality.
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Zoe Archer said...

It is a fantastic foundation, I love it for the full coverage that it gives.