Saturday, September 20, 2014


Spring has sprung so the time for gorgeous fashion is here and no one does it quite as well as Talulah. After viewing their offerings for this new season my fashion wishlist immediately grew as I felt as if this collection was the perfect balance of glamour and wearability.

First up we have the stunning floral one piece pictured above which incorporates the theme of Spring but subtly enough for it not to be overpowering. I love that the base colour is black and the flowers and a white and pastel so it's less casual than if it were white. The bell shaped skirt is a flirty cut and the length makes it modest.

Who ever said peplum was over was seriously mistaken. It was huge last Spring and Summer now it looks like it's back for this years season with this gorgeous strapless black peplum.
Keeping it classy but a little bit sexy with this white shift dress. The slit up the side and shoulder cut outs show the perfect amount of skin while still being modest. The cut is extremely forgiving since it synches in a bit at the waist.
I'm adoring this black and white dress because it has the unusual design of a criss-cross half black and half white. I'm also loving the cut out at the front since it gives it something a little bit extra.
Talulah has two different variations for this pattern with the first being a low cut playsuit and the second being a modest shift dress. I love the options here because it means that there's the perfect piece for both work and play.
I adore this monochromatic two piece and how instead of going with the safe bet of a dress they dared with a draping V-neck top and pencil skirt.
This unique off-the-shoulder straps dress is so intriguing and almost looks like a clam-shell style neckline.  
That's a wrap for this seasons offerings from Talulah and my wallet was definitely not left unscathed this year. I will definitely be picking up a few of these pieces
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