Thursday, October 9, 2014


It includes six of Benefit's greatest hits encased in a pastel peach and seafoam green package. Each goodie have their own special little place and make up a fantastic kit that gives you the opportunity to try out a great selection of products. The sizes are very generous so it definitely gives you plenty of chance to give the products a good go. You could definitely create quite a nice full-face makeup look using only these products so it could be a good little travel set.

They're Real Mascara
An absolute cult classic, this super-hyped mascara is of course included in this set as no look is complete without it. Super black, volumised and long lashes can be expected by using this product.

Stay Don't Stray
This eye primer is different from your ordinary because it has an element of illumination which results in a pearly finish. Definitely something great to try out and see if it keeps your shadow in place well, I personally find that it's a great product and increases the longevity of my eye makeup looks whenever I use it.

The Porefessional
It's the product that had me gravitate to Benefit in the first place, I had never heard of a primer with such claims as to make your pores disappear. I have done an entire review on this product so you can read more about my thoughts on it here.

Some Kind of Gorgeous
This foundation is oil-free and has a cream-to-powder finish making it the perfect Summer foundation to keep you shine free. It's a 2-in-1 since you can skip on applying a powder afterwards making it perfect for busy women on the go.

Girl Meets Pearl
This highlighter has nothing on High Beam but it's still a fantastic product and it's possible that some of you guys may actual prefer it to other benefit alternatives due to the packaging or consistency.

This product has your lips and cheeks covered with the gorgeous berry coloured tint. I love products like these that are multipurpose because it means that you can pop it in your purse as a 2-in-1 touch up product instead of carrying a lip product and blush. You probably wouldn't bring a blush anyway which is why this product is extra great because it enables you to touch up your blush when you normally wouldn't. Since the applicator is a brush and you rub it in using your fingers, no tools are necessary.

I would definitely recommend this set, especially if you're just starting out with Benefit products, since it's a fantastic way of getting to try an assortment of six different products but without breaking the bank. If you find that you fall in love with a particular product then buy the full-size and keep the miniature version so that you can pop it in your handbag for touch ups or use for travel to cut down on size.

Thank you for reading!