Monday, November 10, 2014


Although I'm a true lipstick girl at heart, I can never go past a good gloss to top my favourite lippies with. Sometimes that shine can pull a whole makeup look together and it's always an interesting element to add whether it be to alter the texture or colour. I was online shopping a few weeks ago (what's new?) and came across Edward Bess and their amazing range of deep shine lip glosses. The sleek packaging and stunning candy hues pulled me in and I decided to order just one to give it a go. I could have easily clicked "add to cart" on nearly every single one of the colours but wanted to play it safe in case I disliked the texture, scent or overall quality.

In terms of pigmentation, for a lipgloss it's colour payoff is very impressive. More often than not with products similar to this you are left with a sheer barely there tint but "First Kiss" delivers a bold candy pink colour to the lips. Perfect to be worn on it's own or over a lipstick, looking especially great when paired with a nude or matte light pink.

The question I always ask myself when it comes to purchasing lip gloss is "how sticky is the consistency?" because getting hair stuck in your super-glue like gloss is never attractive and it's happened to me way too may times before. The verdict on this one is that although it has a tacky formulation, it's nothing to be worried about and is definitely manageable.

On the other hand, a bittersweet aspect is the scent/taste of this product. It isn't the most pleasant due to this chemical plastic taste but it smells really lovely so it's a "you-win-some-you-lose-some" situation.

This product is packaged beautifully, encased in clear tube so that you are able to clearly see the colour with a black top and crisp white writing. It's definitely a cute gloss to keep in your purse.

This product retails for around $36 and is available from any online beauty boutiques that stock Edward Bess including Beauty Bay and Luxola. So there's no denying that this product is expensive as it's relatively the same price as a MAC tinted lip glass, in fact it's exactly one dollar more expensive and that's without taking shipping into consideration.

So with everything taken into consideration, my verdict is that yes I would purchase another one of these glosses (perhaps to trying out other colours from the range) because the quality is worth the price. No it's not out-of-this-world-different than any other gloss but I adore it's texture, colour range, pigmentation and packaging.

Thanks for reading!