Wednesday, December 24, 2014


It's the night before Christmas and you want perfect hair to match your flawless makeup and killer party dress for tomorrows festivities.

Here are three products that will keep your hair volumised, shiny and heat protected.

Goldwell Dual Senses Blonde and Highlights* ($19.96)
This products is to keep your locks heat protected thus avoiding devastating hair breakage and pesky flyaways. This one is perfect if you're a blonde (be it natural or colour treated) but if you're brunette or a red head then find comfort in the fact that you can use so many other products that will be just as effective. I recommend the Redkin heat protectant because it's lightweight and highly effective. Back to the blondes, this particular Goldwell product is fantastic because it maintains shine as well as eliminates brassy undertones.

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Texture Mattifying Powder* ($16.95)
When I think Christmas hair I picture messy loose waves or textured locks. Add volume with this highly accredited powder that specialises in texturizing roots. It is perfect for adding volume to the crown, resulting in an effortless bed head look without damaging back combing. Alternatively, it also doubles as a mattifying powder and refreshes hair to look clean and crisp.

Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment* ($24.95)
A good hair style comes down to healthy and taken care of locks and using the right products has the biggest impact. Nourish and moisturise with this treatment to keep your hair in good condition. They call it a miracle hair treatment because this all-in-one product moisturises, strengthens, detangles, prevents split ends and protects hair colour just to name a few.

Those are my go-to products for party proof holiday hair and not only do they work well when combined, but also on their own. A lot of times it's easy to dismiss hair products and go straight into heat styling but with a good heat protectant and treatment a lot of the hard taming work is avoided. Also if you're stuck with flat and limp hair then a texturizing powder can become your best friend, giving volume within seconds.

Thanks for reading!