Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I love a good MAC lipstick but something I love just as much is a drugstore dupe. Why spend $36 when you can spend a maximum of $16.95, but generally much cheaper as Maybelline often have sales.

I adore MAC Im-Passioned, so much so that I'm actually planning to wear it to a fashion event that I'm attending tonight. The main reason being that it is the perfect sophisticated evening colour but it has a playful edge due to it's bright cherry and pink undertones that aren't typical in a classic red. So when I came across this incredible dupe I knew I just had to share my find with you all!

The dupe is Maybelline 904 Vivid Rose, a shade from the ColorSensational collection. It obtains the same bright undertones found in MAC Im-Passioned.

They also have the same gloss finish and smooth formulation, both amazing factors in a lipstick. Im-Passioned is an amplified finish so has a lovely cream consistency which makes for easy application. Vivid Rose follows suit with it's great formulation, very similar to that of Im-Passioned.

The Maybelline bullet is 4.2g of product while MAC lipsticks include only 3g of product. So not only is it the perfect dupe and half the price but you also receive more product. It's a win, win I'd say.

You can purchase MAC Im-Passioned from any MAC counter in Myer or David Jones and can pick up a tube of Maybelline Vivid Rose from Priceline, Kmart, Target and anywhere else that stock Maybelline.

Thanks for reading!