Monday, December 29, 2014


If you've been on a plane then it's more than likely you have at least once stepped off, looked in the mirror, and questioned what in the world happened to your beautiful makeup look.

Something about the altitude and being that high up in the sky messes with your skin and it happens to me every single time. My skin, forehead specifically, becomes extremely dry therefore cracking my foundation. The lipstick sinks into my lips as they become dry also and it's just not fun having to re-do your makeup in an airport bathroom with people looking at you like you're crazy. However, there are products you can use to decrease these effects as well as little travel hacks that will make your holiday or work trip so much easier.

The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum is an absolute life saver regarding in-flight beauty since you can wear it underneath your makeup to ensure your skin is nourished and moisturised, therefore lessening the affects of the flight drying out your skin.
Dry Shampoo
This is a must, especially if you are travelling for extended periods of time such as from Australia to Europe and most likely won't have access to a shower for over 24 hours. A quick spritz of the Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo will instantly refresh your hair to look just washed.
Beauty Wipes
Wipes in general are a lifesaver for us beauty obsessed girls and with all the swatching we do, they're a necessity. However, when travelling these mainly come in handy when you're wanting to refresh your makeup in between events since you can remove old foundation then apply a fresh layer. Otherwise they're amazing to remove your makeup if you haven't brought along with you your entire skincare routine. I love these Milk Beauty Wipes because they are massive and one side is exfoliating while the other is baby soft.
Lip Balm
Similar to your skin drying out, your lips aren't left unscathed and they need to be nourished also. The Korres Lip Butter is my current favourite because it soaks in really quickly and has a super smooth and buttery consistency.  
Whether you had an early flight or you struggle to sleep on a plane during a 12 hour flight, concealer is the way to go for an instantly brightened look. The Essence Match 2 Cover Duo is the perfect two-in-one product since you can use the darker shade for covering blemishes and the lightest shade for some under eye brightening.
Lastly I wanted to throw in hand sanitiser since you definitely don't want to forget this good stuff. Between the amount of money being exchanged when you buy your coffee and touching those dirty security trays you place your electronics in, airports are a breeding ground for germs. The Palmolive one I have is Fig and Coconut so it doesn't have that gross alcohol smell.
Happy travelling in the new year, or if you're headed home after spending the holidays with family. Check out the video below for more details on all of the products mentioned in this post.

Thanks for reading!