Saturday, February 14, 2015



You are in the right place if you want to know the tips and tricks to not only get big plump lips but to also create a long lasting lip colour!

There's something so womanly about big plump lips so we are going to discuss the tips and tricks you can use to enhance what you have. Since it's Valentine's there might be some kissing involved and there would be nothing worse than leaving your lipstick all over your dates face so we will also be talking tips for long lasting colour.

1. Hydrate - Drink lots of water to hydrate from the inside so that it glows on the outside. Hydrating flushes out toxins and nourishes your skin, lips included.
2. Exfoliate- Remove the dead skin cells to keep your lips soft and plump while encouraging new regeneration. My favourite products for this are Lush scrubs if you want to splurge on a nice pre-made one but you can make it inexpensively from household ingredients such as brown sugar and honey.
3. Moisturise- This is where the lip treatments and balms come in handy. I love the intensive hydrating products that aim at repairing and really nourishing the lips.
1. Use a lip liner - It might seem okay to skip the liner but if you're looking for a long lasting lip colour then you will definitely need it because it extends the time of lipstick wear dramatically. It acts as a base colour and primer for your lipstick and my colour always lasts noticeably longer when I use a lip liner. If you have had a bad experience with lip liners that are drying or drag on your lips then definitely shop around because there are so many on the market that are affordable and really creamy. A favourite is the Essence range otherwise another great lip liner is the Mary Kay invisible one since you can use it underneath any lipstick colour without it affecting the shade.
2. Blot - Blot and layer, repeat the process. What this is going to do is build up the colour that will adhere to your lips but get rid of the excess colour that will transfer.
3. Set- Use a setting powder to lightly dust over your lips with a tissue in between. The powder will sink through the tissue and set your lip colour in place. It provides a barrier between the lip colour and whatever your lips are touching such as when you sip from a glass or eat.
Keep these tips in mind this Valentine's Day and even start the process early; hydrating, exfoliating and moisturising for plump big lips and using a lip liner, blotting and setting for a long lasting lip colour.
Thanks for reading!