Monday, March 30, 2015


Between heat styling and colour treating, us girls are always on the hunt for a product that will transform our dry and damaged hair into smooth nourished locks. These three products are the ones I find have the best results and have personally worked for me.
Clear Nourishing Daily Conditioner*
Aimed towards damage and colour Repair, Clear nourishes the scalp for strong and beautiful hair. Labelled as scalp and hair beauty therapy containing ten vitamins and nutrients, this product works to hydrate from root to tip following shampooing. It is suitable for daily use and is the perfect hybrid between conditioner and a deep treatment since it is a lot more hydrating than just your average conditioner. This product retails for just under $10 and is available from Priceline and places such as Kmart, Target as well as your local grocery store.
Cedel Conditioning Foam*
A brand that might be your go-to for hairspray has recently released this moisturising product. It's a hydrating and detangling mousse for all hair types that makes the perfect after shower leave in treatment. Vitamin E hydrates and restores natural shine while also controlling frizz, treating split ends, detangling hair and protecting your locks from harmful external elements. A 125g bottle retails for $14.99 and since you only use the smallest amount each use, a bottle will last you a long time.
Goldwell DualSenses 60Sec Treatment*
This product is my go-to for a heavy duty treatment since you begin feeling the improvement in your hair instantly after application. It is aimed specifically at blonde and highlighted hair so protects colour while hydrating your locks. A tub of this will last you many months since you only need the smallest dab of product to cover all of your hair. This product retails for around $20 and can be found in salons or shops such as Hairhouse Warehouse.
I definitely recommend checking any of these three out or if you are desperate to treat your hair back into shape then pick up all three. You can use the Cedel foam after each time you wash your hair and alternate between Clear and Goldwell when conditioning your hair after shampoo.
Thanks for reading!