Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I feel like it's everyday that I'm asked how I afford X, Y and Z. It's something that I never used to think about but it has urked me all of a sudden because I am sad that people think they can't afford the things I do. Of course you can! Everyone can achieve anything they want and sitting back saying "wow you're so lucky, I could never afford that" is simply setting yourself up for failure.

When I bought my car last year and posted to Instagram, I remember replying to a dozen people saying that they can achieve anything they want, just "set a goal and put your mind to it".

Here are some tips to get you on your way to buying all those things on your wish list or alternatively you can watch the above video. But just before we get into it, I acknowledge that saving can be hard since day-to-day expenses can really add up but hopefully most of these tips can help.

Have two bank accounts / split your money
Have an account for spending and an account for saving that way you split your funds instead of having them all sitting in the same place where you might be tempted to spend it. By putting half of all your income directly into your savings you will reach your goals within no time.

Keep track of your finances
To monitor what you are spending your money on and where the money you spend is actually going, keep up to date with your statements. Apps make it so easy to check your bank balances and see where you may have overspent (maybe going out to dinner too many times or buying too much makeup) and can remember that the improve saving in the future.

Save your change
Somehow we collect so much change and it seems insignificant but once you put it all together, it can really add up. This is where an old-school piggy bank comes in handy so you can simply put your change in that and wait for it to fill up. You may find $30-$50 you may not have realised you could have and it's up to you if you want to save it or have a bit of extra spending money.

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Quality over quantity
I am a big believer that investing in good quality items saves you money in the long term. I much rather spending a bit more in the short term rather than buying cheaply and having to replace items regularly. This could be something as small as a pair of shoes to something much more expensive like a laptop or even car.

So have your goals in mind for what you are saving for; a new phone, car or house. Keep envisioning those things and keeping them at the forefront of your mind to continue motivation to keep saving.

Thanks for reading!