Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Fun colours to spice up your everyday eyeshadow looks and all at an affordable price.

These palettes are great if you have a certain colour scheme in mind for your eye look. Instead of rummaging through your eyeshadow draw for a certain colour, they are all here laid out in one palette for you. Rimmel's unique and versatile 5 shade palette for vibrant and intense colour.
If you are looking to expand your eyeshadow collection then this is a pretty great way since you get a selection of colours, including fun and bright shades.

My favourite part about these is that they have a colour scheme so all of the five shades in each palette go together extremely well to create a fun coloured eye look. That being said, there is also a lot of options to create natural eye looks for everyday wear.

These shadows claim to last up to 8 hours and with a quality primer they definitely will.
Colours breakdown
22 Brixton Brown is a warm toned brown palette with a; deep brown, medium brown, light brown,  shimmery peach and deep burgundy.
21 Golden Eye is a black smokey eye essentials pack with a pop of gold including a; matte charcoal, shimmery steel, light silver, off-white and rich gold.
24 Pinkadilly Circus is a pink based palette with a; medium brown, light taupe, shimmery white and light pink.
25 Victoria's Purple is a set of lavender shades with a steel and white.

My favourites are Brixton Brown and Pinkadilly Circus since they are quite wearable colours and are great for everyday use.

These retail for $16.95 and are available from Priceline, Kmart, Target and other Rimmel stocklists. Considering you get five beautiful eyeshadows, all in a compact and travel friendly package, these are a pretty good deal.
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