Monday, June 8, 2015



It's the concealer that can really make or break a face of makeup. Perfectly covering blemishes and highlighting under the eyes can make a huge difference.


In this post I'm running you through my favourite concealers on the market from a variety of brands at different prices. There is a product in this mix for every dilemma you could face so read on to find out more about these must-have products.

Urban Decay Naked Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
This is the perfect concealer for: a weightless coverage.
There is so much hype surrounding this product and currently it is always sold out at Mecca, but with good reason because it is a great quality product that isn't overpriced. Considering this product is so luxe and from an international high end brand, you would expect to pay more but at just over $35, it's a pretty reasonable price for a high quality concealer.  
This product retails for $36 and is available from Mecca.
Benefit Fake Up Concealer
The perfect concealer for: dry skin.
It is a hybrid of skincare and makeup, making dreams come true for girls with dry skin. The creamy high coverage concealer is encased in an outer layer of moisturising balm, keeping the skin hydrated while also providing coverage. This is great if you have dry skin and other concealers tend to enhance that or for the undereye area to avoid tugging when blending.
This product retails for $35 and is available from Myer.
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer
The perfect concealer for: covering blemishes.
MAC are amazing with their creamy high coverage concealers and Studio Sculpt has been my favourite for years. Unfortunately I think they may have discontinued it in some countries so a great alternative is their Studio Finish concealer that offers a slightly more opaque and natural finish so it may be a great daily concealer.
The Studio Finish Concealer retails for $32 and is available from MAC.
Essence Match 2 Cover Concealer
The perfect concealer for: covering under eye circles.
While this concealer has sadly disappeared from Australian stores, I know that a lot of my international friends still have access to this incredible product so I wanted to give it a mention. This super creamy and lightweight concealer is the perfect product to cover under eye circles without caking or creasing. You get two shades in the one container which is an absolute bargain considering the tiny price tag. A great alternative that is still available on Aussie shelves is the Essence Coverstick.
The Coverstick retails for $4.10 and is available from Target and Priceline.
Ofra Magic Roulette Concealer
The perfect concealer for: colour correcting.
If you have an uneven skin tone with significant redness or dark under eye circles, colour correcting might be a great option for you. These concealer wheels provide a colour help counteract any issues you may have with your skin. With the right blending, these concealers can make your skin look flawless and perfect.
This product retails for $29.99 and is available from Ofra.
These are my concealers of choice for every purpose, I hope you found this helpful and have added some of these amazing products to your wish list.
Thanks for reading!