Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Pinks, purple, oranges and blacks...just the way I like my nail polishes. Oh er we're talking about lipstick? Hmm let me have a think about that one.

The NYX Macaron lipsticks test the boundaries in terms of colour; they are bold, eye catching and unique. Despite struggling to find an appropriate occasion to wear the black or even the purple, I'm glad I have added them to my collection and you will know why once we get further into reviewing the details.
From bottom to top: Orange Blossom, Rose, Violet and Chambord.

They are all a satin matte formulation, my personal preference for any lipstick. I find that this type of consistency makes it easy to apply and you are left with a beautiful finish while it still being wearable and comfortable on the lips.

Colour Selection
There are 12 shades available from this range and they are either pastel or neon. They have a wide variety of bright and bold colours including greens, a yellow, blues, grey, white and more.

I love the packaging because you are able to see the colour of the lipstick through the tube so you can easily identify and find the one you are looking for. The packaging definitely doesn't feel too cheap and the classic black will look great within your makeup collection.

Price and Availability
These retail for $6 and are available from online boutiques such as Beauty Joint, Cherry Culture and iKateHouse. Target may also stock them.
Also something to note is that these lipsticks are completely cruelty free so perfect if you are vegan or like to support animal friendly products.
My final verdict is that this range is great if you are into special effects makeup or are generally daring with your lip products because it provides you with bold and unique colours at an affordable price. It unlikely you would want to spend $20 and up on a lipstick you might only wear a few times so since these are priced at just $6 each, they are definitely affordable and accessible.
Thanks for reading!