Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Concealers from the high end hardly disappoint but Urban Decay has taken it to the next level with a mind-blowingly great concealer.

I find it to be smooth, creaseless, blendable and seamlessly matches my skin-tone. Fusing cutting-edge technology with high-performance pigment, this ultra-definition concealer delivers a perfected look and weightless feel to skin.

The consistency is extremely creamy and easy to work with, leaving a light weightless feel on the skin. With a lot of these liquid concealer products they have a tendency to crease or go patchy but this is a rare find considering I have had absolutely no issues like that with Naked Skin.

I also love how it doesn't immediately dry so you have time to blend it in properly and then it sets. Once it does dry you can either dust over it with a setting powder/pressed foundation or even leave it on it's own since the finish is semi-matte.

I have found this to be the perfect under eye concealer, especially when I use the lighter shade for a bit of a highlight. This product also works as a lightweight concealer for all over the face, seamlessly covering blemishes and pigmentation. However, I prefer to use it as an under eye concealer because I feel it works most effectively that way.

The sleek monochrome packaging beautifully encases the product and let's face it, great packaging adds brownie points to any product.

This product retails for $36 and is available exclusively from Mecca Maxima. As far as liquid concealers such as this go, this is one of the best that I have tried so I would highly recommend giving it a go.

Thank you for reading!