Friday, July 24, 2015



Hola is an Australian brand based around Seaweed Extract, but it is not as scary as it sounds and your face won't smell like sushi.

One of my favourite skincare products to try is moisturiser, mainly because with my dry skin I am constantly searching for the better and more hydrating options. So with this seaweed range of nourishing products I thought I may as well give it a go.
Seaweed Moisturising Essence
This lightweight formula sinks into the skin within seconds, leaving the surface soft to the touch while moisturising the deeper layers also. This makes for a great no-fuss serum for everyday use. This product contains a high concentration of Seaweed Extract and nourishing ingredients that aim to deeply hydrate. This intense moisturising product results in reducing wrinkles and minimising pores. It leaves the skin smooth, firming and radiant.
Seaweed Moisturising Cream
This product might be a gel formulation but during application it feels more like a rich and velvety cream. This intense hydration is much more noticeable on the surface compared to the Essence and leaves a beautiful buttery feel to the skin. If you don't like products that leave a residue then this is definitely not for you but if you have dry skin then you will appreciate it's long-lasting hydration. It uses the same Seaweed Extract to repair very dry skin while improving skin elasticity and smoothness.
I had a bit of trouble locating exact prices on the website but the Seaweed range retails between $17.95 and $24.95. The price range is quite reasonable considering it's uniqueness and quality so I think it is definitely worth giving a go since you won't be set back much if you decide you don't like it.
Overall it's a brand that I have enjoyed so far with the products I have tried and I can see myself adding to the skincare range. I love it when I come across a lesser known brand and fall in love with the products because it's like an unexpected find.
Thanks for reading!