Tuesday, July 28, 2015


If you are serious about skincare and willing to majorly invest in it then this is definitely a brand worthwhile looking into.

These award winning products are known for real and visible results using advanced technology including Ultra-RETI and Microelastin. They boast skincare with a conscience since all of the products are also animal cruelty free.
I have a handful of these products to talk about today so let's get into it and see if they are worth the hype.  

Ultraceuticals promise "real skincare, real results" and offer a range of products all categorised by specific needs. The categories include; Cleanse, Eyes, Treat, Moisturise, Protect, Complete Correction and Mask.
Ultra Brightening Foaming Cleanser ($59)
This cleanser doesn't only remove the days dirt and makeup residue, but also has lightening properties to leave your skin bright and radiant. The active ingredients are Vitamin B3 and Provitamin B5 making this product part of the "Treat" range for hyperpigmentation and age spots. This product is perfect if you are looking for a lovely creamy cleanser, have issues with uneven skin tone or want to prevent aging skin. The tube contains 150ml, you can read more and purchase this product here.
Ultra C10+ Firming Serum ($106)
Although this product tips on breaking the bank, let's hear it out. It is part of the "Treat" range and targets "loss of firmness" so if you are looking to bring the elasticity and plumpness back to your skin, it might be worth taking a look at. It works to combine 10% pure Vitamin C and peptides MicroElastin and MicroCollagen. The bottle contains 30ml, you can read more and purchase this product here.
Ultra Hydrating Lotion ($72)
I was most excited to try this product because it's coming up to Winter and my dry skin understandably hates this time of year. It is a cooling gel jam packed with moisturising properties that skin deep into the layers of your skin for serious hydration. It's obvious part of the "Moisturise" range The tube contains 75ml, you can read more and purchase this product here.
Ultra Clear Purifying Mask ($65)
I'm always up for trying new face masks out because I am yet to find my holy grail one that I adore and want to religiously use. I have quite sensitive skin so glycolic peels and the like are often off limits. This is a hydrating and refreshing clear gel that sits nicely on the skin without irritating. It definitely leaves my skin purified and cleaner than ever. This product is from the "Treat" section and perfect for acne and congested or problematic skin. The tube contains 75ml, you can read more and purchase this product here.
Ultra Clear Spot Treatment ($35)
Another product I am on the market for is definitely a spot treatment since whenever I get a pimple I just want to attack it with products so that it goes away as soon as possible. I haven't had a pimple since having this product so am yet to try it but I will keep you updated on what I think once I have the chance to give it a go. The tube contains 10ml, you can read more and purchase this product here.
I feel like I have talked your ear off enough for one post so I'm going to leave it there but hopefully this post gave you an insight into what Ultraceuticals offer, the price points and if there is something from them worth investing in for yourself.
Thanks for reading!