Monday, August 31, 2015


This week has been an absolutely crazy week filled with fashion shows and planning a holiday - on top of all the usual with work and Uni. 

MBFF changed locations this year from Brisbane City Hall to the Brisbane Showgrounds so I was excited to check out the new venue and see this fresh new look. The set up was beautiful, with a stunning foiled back splash I took inspiration from. 

The bridal show was breathtaking, with a lot of unique and interesting designs that weren't quite my taste but were definitely lovely to look at. Fashion week was wrapped up at the Soleil Pool Bar after party, which had to be a quiet night since I had a vet appointment for Puffin at 7am the next day. The poor thing was desexed this week but no need to worry he is being a brave little boy and resting up.

This week was also all about putting the finishing touches on the itinerary for my west coast US trip next month. I will be staying in LA, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco and then heading back to LA again for the final leg of the trip. I am definitely excited to have a bit of a holiday and I will undoubtedly love the shopping, vegan cafes and change of pace. 

Other than that, University has and will be a primary focus until I leave for the US, with four major assessment pieces due before I go. I definitely won't be missing any blogging days but I may be a little absent on social media.

That was my week in a nutshell - a mixed bag of things but lots of exciting stuff coming up and I will be sure to bring you along for all of it.

Thanks for reading!