Monday, August 24, 2015


Imagine a world where you can apply your lip colour in the morning and have it stay on until you remove it at night. I have scoured the market for all their long wearing products and put them to the test to let you know the best durable options out there.

Noone wants to be standing in front of a mirror multiple times a day having to re-apply their lip colour so many busy girls on the go are now opting for more long-lasting products that hold up during the day. Both high ends and drugstore brands have embraced the long lasting formulations, with most releasing their own version of a durable lip option - with some even claiming up to 24 hours of wear.

Read on for a look into each of these products where I am going to talk about the bad and good so you can decide which ones suit you best.

Australis Velour Lips ($10.49)
Colour Featured- "Ho-Chee-Min"
The Good- super pigmented with loads of colours to choose from and a beautiful matte finish.
The Bad- these can show the lines on your lips and be slightly drying.

Colour Featured- "109 Blossoming Berry"
The Good- smells like candy, the balm is great quality and the colour selection has a lot of really wearable and chic colours.
The Bad- the formulation is a little bit flaky and can peel off in some sections.

Colour Featured- "Nude Peach Fuzz"
The Good- these are great because they have a pigmented colour with a matte finish.
The Bad- they have a slight smell of playdoh and can be a little streaky.

Colour Featured- "Harlot"
The Good- the colour will last you absolutely all day until you decide to take it off and it isn't drying like most formulations.
The Bad- application can get a little messy since it is a squeeze tube of product.

Colour Featured- "04"
The Good- thin in consistency so it is very lightweight on the lips despite being very opaque.
The Bad- has a tendency to dry out and can flake a bit.

Colour Featured- "105 Blush On"
The Good- the balm is great and the formulation is quite hydrating.
The Bad- the colours are quite metallic and shiny so although it isn't my cup of tea, some of you may like that foiled look.

Colour Featured- "020 Eternal Rose"
The Good- this product gives you super bold colour with the ease of simply applying a lipstick, rather than a liquid lipstick duo.
The Bad- It does fade after eating and drinking.

Colour Featured- "Icon"
The Good- the formulation is beautiful and the least drying out of the bunch.
The Bad- this product stains your lips and I think that is it's biggest long-lasting capability.     
L to R: L'Oreal, Hourglass, Klara, Maybelline Liquid, Maybelline Lipstick, NYX and Australis.

So what have we learned from examining these lipsticks? Well mainly that you have to take the good with the bad. Yes liquid lipsticks are notorious for drying out the lips but it might just be what it takes for a long lasting lip colour.

Thanks for reading!