Thursday, September 24, 2015


When a parcel big enough to fit a mini fridge showed up at my door I was intrigued to say the least. I ripped that parcel open, Snapchat in hand (@JordyCannon), to find what has to be the cutest PR package of the year. 

Clueless has a soft spot in my heart, right next to Mean Girls and The Notebook, so I had so much fun sorting through everything when I realised the whole V05 sample box was Clueless themed. Featuring four pretty in pink V05 products (ugh AS IF we would have it any other colour), these bubblegum packaged sprays and waxes are sure to keep your hair looking fabulous, duh. 

Ultimate Hold Hairspray ($3.99)
There are definitely times that call for industrial strength hairspray. As a journalist when you are out in the field and have to shoot a piece to camera - a mini can of full strength hairspray like this is a life saver for taming those fly away pieces. It is a great hairspray for those of you who like a strong hold but don't overdo it because your hair can go crunchy.  

Nourish My Shine Miracle Illuminator ($6.99)
With this product, think about your average creamy finishing product but on steroids. That is such a weird thing to say but I really think it describes how awesome this hair cream really is! It actually includes little particles of glitter throughout it, providing shine all through the hair if applied when wet or a bit of shimmer on the top layer if used to pat down fly-aways. 
Nourish My Shine Bedazzling Oil Protector ($7.99)
Not only is this product sparkly and pink but it is a hydrating oil that doubles as a heat protectant. Give it a shake to mix the two layers and put a few spritz of product through your hair for a bit of dazzle but also the protect your locks from harsh heating tools. A genius product I have loved experimenting with. 

Soft Moulding Wax ($6.99)
I am not huge into hair wax because I have quite thin and flat hair so it tends to weigh me down. However, I can imagine that this would be a great product for thick and curly hair. 

The wash and care line is available from Priceline, IGA, Kmart and selected pharmacies. The styling products are available from all of the above as well as Coles. 

What I love most about this range is how affordable it is with a selection of products between $3.99 and $7.99. 

Thanks for reading!