Thursday, October 1, 2015


I don't think I would be too far off to say that Models Prefer took some inspiration from the Benefit High Brow when creating their Brow Highlighter but does it compare in quality?

Packaging aside, let's get into whether the Models Prefer Brow Highlighter is a dupe for the Benefit High Brow or maybe it just doesn't reach the same standards

These brow highlighting sticks are generally a shimmery and creamy product that you blend onto your brow bone to add shimmer and shine to the area for when the light catches it. It lifts and brightens the area, I like to refer to it as the equivalent to a stunning cheek bone highlight but for your eyes.

So are these products both successful in doing that? The short answer is yes. However, these products definitely have their differences are although they achieve the same thing, the results are a little varied.

L- Models Prefer Brow Highlighter, R- Benefit "Linen Pink" High Brow

Above are swatches of both the products. The left swatch shows the Models Prefer product, a pearlescent opal pink shimmer. While the right shows the Benefit product, a more chalky and milky light pink.

Therefore the Models Prefer brow highlighter gives a lighter, shinier and more natural highlight. The Benefit High Brow provides a more opaque and bold milky highlight.

The Models Prefer products retails for $9.99 from Priceline while Benefit High Brow is $39.99 from Myer. That is a huge price difference of $30 so my better judgment says to recommend the Models Prefer and then if you aren't happy with the results you can invest in the Benefit product. It is definitely worth giving it a try to see if the formulation could work for you since the money you could save is pretty amazing on just one product.

Thanks for reading!